The Tooth & the Egg

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    That will make sense toward the end but this is to update about my burn.

    I went back to work after lunch and boss noticed it then the owner's rep who also sits in our area noticed it. They pretty much demanded I leave right then and go to a dr in the box, so I did. I was there almost 4 hours waiting to see a dr. (Lesson learned- never go right before shift change.)

    Dr said it was a 2nd degree burn and wanted to bust the huge blister (they had all rolled into one big one) then clean it all out. Uhmm....NO WAY...I remember too well how it felt to have road rash scrubbed out years ago. So, she told me not to use the antiseptic spray I'd just bought after the blister opens up on it's own- she said they can actually worsen healing. Then I guess while we were there talking about all my other minor medication problems, the blister burst while I was there so that solved that problem. I told her about my long-standing tooth problem and that I had a feeling that it had gotten infected again. She looked and said yes, it obviously had, but she couldn't rx anything directly for that because she's not a dentist. I asked her if that heavy cycle I had a couple of weeks ago after about a year without one was anything to be concerned about and she said no because it hadn't been over a year since the last one. I also mentioned to her that I'd had a nose bleed during that cycle and knew from my puberty years that it was indicative of low iron and I thought probably between all that and my tooth being infected again, my resistance had gotten real low and that's why I caught that bug and it wiped me out. She agreed and said it sounded like the flu that was going around. And she said last night I was still probably not up to par even though I was starting to get over the flu, and I was tired, and my tooth still hurts, and that led to this accident.

    So in my humble opinion- the flu and this accident were the fault of The Tooth & the Egg. LOL!

    I was rx'd an ointment, two types of pain medications, and an antibiotic. She said the antibiotic and pain medications would help with the tooth, too, obviously even though she had to rx them just for the burn. I'm very glad I went but also very glad that it was the owner's rep at work that insisted on it and my boss was in agreement with him. After being off work most of last week for being sick, I really didn't think they'd find it acceptable for me to call in and tell them something like this. But once they saw it themselves, they became pretty understanding. Plus, they heard the residual coughs and sniffles. And once they realized that I had intended on working all day with this, I guess they figured out that I wasn't looking for excuses to lay out of work.
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    I'm really glad you got that looked at and got some extra help on the other stuff, too! Keep us updated on how you're healing.
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    Ditto. DDD
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    Very good thing you went to doctor. I'm glad they encouraged you at work to take care of yourself. Sounds like things are going well. Feel better soon xo
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    Hope it heals quickly and you're back on your feet soon!
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    Very glad you went to the doctor. The hardest part about giving burn info in a forum such as well, you can't see the burn. I was worried it was more than just a first degree when you said you were burned by hot water. Water burns can be really nasty. I was worried about a blister forming when I said not to put anything on it.

    So glad you went to docs and wound up having it cleaned up properly and given the proper medications. Now take care of it and yourself. Don't push over hard and let your body recoop from all it's been through in such a short amount of time.

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    I posted at length on your other thread with some suggestions about dressings, based on my experience dressing my burns from radiation treatment. Did the doctor give you anything to use as dressings? The stuff I was given to use is like a wet net in a sealed foil packet. It's like it's got a gel impregnated in it, but I was able to add more stuff to the net before I gently laid it over the burst blisters. Honey is a good burns dressing material, but don't apply it direct to the skin, instead apply it to the wet dressing. The honey dressing then sticks to the skin and holds itself there, you can cover the wet dressing lightly with gauze. Go very gently because even a burst blister gives a little protection while the skin is still there. Leave the wet dressings in place as long as you can, and go VERY carefully removing any dressings - you don't want to take the skin off too. I wasn't able to stick dressings down, because of the size of the affected area. So I held everything in place with sanitary pads and breast pads, stuck to the inside of my clothing. To get a honey dressing off as gently as possible, soak it off gently in a tepid bath. It should just float off.

    Part of mine was a full thickness burn, when the skin lifted off, it began to bleed. Other areas just went black and the skin rubbed off in small pieces. But careful management has left me with minimal effect now. I have a couple of slightly darker skin patches, that is all. And those are fading.

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    Marg, I'll go out on a limb and say I think she handled this differently because it wasn't a 3rd degree burn and there was no open sore, at least yet there isn't. She told me to not put anything on it except that ointment she rx'd once a day. She said to let it get as much air as I could, even wearing lower cut shirts if I could, given that it is cold here right now. She made sure I had been given a tetanus shot recently and told me that if it doesn't start to look like it is getting better or if when the top flesh from the blistering starts coming off it opens up a wound underneath in a couple of days, then get back to a dr right away. I would assume if that happens then they would approach it like you had to.

    I took the stronger pain medication last night and it took a couple of hours to really kick in but then knocked me out for 12 hours. I slept pretty good though. LOL! But now I'm late for work. She wanted me to stay home today and wrote a note to give to my boss. She suggested staying in bed on medications all day today. The problem is that after missing so much time last week, it would wipe out what little time I am allowed to take and I'd have to take it without pay, which I can't afford to do. I just got a gas bill- just under $300! I'm still floored over that. I'm thinking I'll have a couple of cups of coffee then get ready and go in late but still show them the note from the dr.
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    Stay safe, follow directions. Go to work if you feel up to it. You're the best judge of how you feel. let us know how you get on.

    Go carefully with applying the cream - remember, my radiation burn developed slowly over weeks, so I experienced all stages of a burn. Once it gets to the blister stage, the skin is VERY fragile and you need to apply creams etc very carefully. Even if you apply the cream to a dressing, apply the dressing then peel it off, it will be more gentle than using your fingers. But again - it's your skin, you know how it is feeling and looking. Use your judgement and remember the alternatives if you need to use them.