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    And it's long overdue. I started seeing a cognitive behavior therapist over the summer. I only had a few sessions with him then he told me my copay, which I thought was only $20, was actually $45. He told me I owed him over $100 and I needed to pay before I could see him again. After a big hassle and calling the insurance company, turns out he was wrong. My copay really is $20, which I've been paying, and I don't owe him anything. We finally have it straightened out and I have my next appointment tomorrow. I really need it. My anxiety has been through the roof lately, especially at work. He did give me a writing assignment last time I saw him. He said I need to write down all my feelings/worst fears during the middle of my big panic attacks, then counteract the negative thoughts with positive and realistic ones. It may be helpful at home, but when I'm at work I can't exactly stop in the middle of everything and start writing. I am hoping he has more techniques on how to deal with this horrendous work anxiety. Today was another incredibly stressful day. I had a huge list of truancy phone calls to make, then my boss gives me another list of names to call of all the habitually tardy kids. Ugh! Did I mention I don't like this new boss so much? He seriously has no idea how bad he is stressing me out. I am still on the lookout for a different position within the district, but until then I need help on how to cope! I am hoping I get some much needed help tomorrow.
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    Maybe the therapist can help you devise a script for the calls you have to make. What is your fear about them? Is it that the parents will be rude to you? Most parents would be okay with hearing their kid is cutting - not thrilled but at least happy they're being notified and wouldn't take it out on you.
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    Yes they are incredibly rude to me. Not only that, I just simply hate being on the phone, even to people I know. It makes me anxious. Even my mom and boyfriend know to text me only except in cases of emergency. My therapist already recommended having a script, which isn't possible. Each case is completely unique so it's not like I can write the same thing down and just repeat it over and over to different people. And then they ask questions that throw me off guard and I don't know how to answer them. I always get tongue tied and feel stupid. I have pretty severe social anxiety. I belong to a support group, and there are dozens of people on there that stress out over phone calls like I do. I am over this job. I really need something else where I don't have to constantly be on the phone.
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    I really hate the phone too. Hope a different job becomes available soon, and the therapist is able to help.
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    The appointment didn't go as expected. We talked about nothing I wanted to talk about. He asked me if my living arrangement was still the same since the last time I had been there. I told him about easy child moving back in, which led to talking about how he is struggling at the new school, which led to talking all about my ex and his horrible witch of a wife. It took up all of the appointment talking about what he wanted and not what I wanted. I wanted him to teach me some techniques for de stressing during my anxiety at work or when I wake up in the middle of the night. We never got around to it. Next time I am going to sit down and tell him right away what I need help with. He is going on vacation yet again, so my next appointment isn't until November 5th. Hopefully he ends up being a helpful therapist for me. Right now it's still too soon to tell.