There is always someone worse off than you....

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    I still have my pity parties about my 34yo difficult child, but this week made me give thanks!

    A classmate moved back to our small rural town about six months ago, after moving away 40 years ago. We reconnected through the non profit I was volunteering for. Friday, at 5 AM, our class president sent out emails that she had taken her life Thursday.

    I was shocked! She was married to a minister and was excited about making changes in the church. Twin grands had just been born, she was going to teach piano, a loving husband and children. From the outside looking in she had a very good life.

    Her husband told me she had a history of depression and the medications she was taking had bad side effects so the doctor took her off. She appeared to be doing very well. About six years ago her brother hanged himself. She hung herself in the same old abandoned home her brother did.

    There is one sister left and her only child is in prison for murder. I remember when he was fired and he went to the supervisor's home on Easter Sunday and shot him. He is in a mental section of the prison and always under suicide watch. Many in the town blamed the parents for being too lenient with him and condoning his alcohol and drug use. This town still blames the parents for the adult children's behavior.

    I had never really believed the insanity plea, but now I think differently. Sadly, this family has had tradegy after tradegy. It made my problems feel smaller.

    (((huggs and blessings for us all)))
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    My clinical coordinators son shot himself to death. Same story, stopped his medications...although on his own, not with doctor's approval.
  3. Tired - That is so sad. Makes me feel less upset about what is going on with my difficult child right now. Still real issues but puts things into perspective.

    My thoughts and prayers for her husband and children. So sad.
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    Sorry you lost your friend. Yeah, things like this do put things into perspective. Very sad.
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    So sad.