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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by exhausted, Nov 19, 2011.

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    I just need to vent. She is at it again. She took money from her dad's wallet.(why did he leave cash in his wallet??) She denied it like crazy. He got her up early this am and let her have it (rare for him). She showered and started her phone calling thing to find a place to hang. I listened in on a few (why do I do this? It only makes me feel horrid). One of the girls asked, "Hey you knwo where to get some trees don't you?" Her response, "Yes". Girl went on to complain about having to go into work or she will loose her job because she has missed so much being sick-there was a baby howling in he background and then I heard a male swearing and cussing-real class place my daughter calls.

    She told us she was smoking pot again once in awhile. This sounds pretty entrenched to me. People asking her where to get it. Stealing money. Lack of grooming the last week. She showers but isnt getting her hair done or makeup on. This is a rare thing for her.

    I told her she had to clean her room and do chores or she wasnt going anywhere. (there is no way to keep her here when she is determined, we have stopped fighting that battle) She did her chores. On her way out she went through the garage-weird so I went after her. She had keys. We dont give her a house key. I took them. It turns out she had removed the house key off of my keys. I didn't know she had time to do this between when she walked out and left. Dang! Unually I keep mine hidden just careless this morning. So hubby is getting 3 new dead bolts and rekeying the place. Yet more money.

    Can't call the police-they wont do anything about theft of cash, we cant prove it. She lays just below the radar of the law. Will it ever end. I jjust want off the roller coaster soooo bad. I'm tired and hasn't God given me enough hell. What did I do to deserve this.
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    Oh hon, I feel like I am listening to my life in previous years...I am so sorry life is so hard right now!
    When difficult child stopped caring what she looked like (she was one to always do her hair and make up), she started wearing dirty clothes, no make up, nothing done with her hair - we knew something was up. Unfortunately, in our difficult child's case it turned out to be meth. Not saying yours is doing that, but try to keep an eye for signs. :(
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    so sorry, how long till she is 18? Is it an option to put her out then? I am not suggesting it by any means because I have not been there or done that, just asking since you talked about getting off the roller coaster. I'm am guessing that does not solve everything...

    (((hugs))) sorry for her and sorry for you and hubby.
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    She turned 17 the end of Sep. We have 10 month. And honestly I'm not looking forward to that either. I know we have to do it-but it's going to be hard. She has all the skills to get on the horse-after all the treatment. She is crazy smart and could breeze through college or hair school (more realistic right now given her track record with school). But no-she has to let disappointment win her and go down the crapper. She can't handle all the rejection in the job hunt. She has no strength for handling any dissapointment-she just sinks. We've seen it over and over. Instant gratification is what she seems to require however she gets it! She didn't come home last night. She hasn't done that in a good while. No word from her either. Worried again.
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    Oh wow, big worry for sure. Please let us know when she comes home. I can only imagine. (((hugs and caring thoughts)))
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    Thanks Buddy and Patriots Girl. I'll keep things posted.