Things that make my head spin...

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by ksm, May 24, 2017.

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    Teens that are in legal problems (charged with a crime) get sent to this same facility on the states dime that I am having to put up cash so my child can be admitted.

    It's a crime to have drugs on you but not in you. She can test positive for drugs, but it is not a crime. Because they didn't find drugs on her. She is considered a CINC and I am responsible for the treatment...

    My head is spinning. It might do that exorcist movie thing where it goes completely around soon.

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    Yup....of course they all had drugs "on them" at one point or another!!

    Mind numbing
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    It is actually more of a crime to have drugs on your person because the police think you might be selling. If you test positive for drugs, they treat it like more like an addiction the person needs treatment for.

    Our county doesn't charge for those services depending on income level.
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    crayola13.... What state or country are you from?

    This is mind boggling. This court services officer (also probation officer to those charged with a crime) should never have told my daughter that he would send her to residential treatment if he didn't have the authority to do it.

    Since she is a Child In Need of Care (CINC) he has no authority to do anything. Basically we see him every other week and he can give her a curfew.

    But, if she had drugs on her...he could send her to treatment. She has been using meth since Novenber, off and on.

    It was her bio moms drug of choice. She said she tried it because she wanted to know why her mom chose meth over her... And now she knows... Ksm
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    I think it is time to go over his head. Do you know who his boss is? Have you considered that he may not be giving you the full story? Often they have limited resources and just choose not to use them on this or that family/child. I would maybe even take this to social media and point out how wrong it is that the court threatens over and over but never follows through, yet they are all about how to 'help' are they not?

    You also might start a kickstarter or gofundme campaign to help. Stress her challenges and struggles, and that she really is trying to get clean. Show any positive strides she has made.
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    The empty threats sometimes leads these kiddos to continue pushing the limits because nothing happens.
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    New plans...

    Instead of residential 28 day treatment center we start an intensive outpatient treatment next week. I do have to drive 50 miles to a larger city. I will have to pay copays, at least until I get a medical card.

    It is 3 three hour meetings a week. They will do random UAs and keep her court services officer updated about her attendance, participation, and progress.

    We are postponing the residential treatment and will decide later, if she is not successful with IOT progepram. Plus, this will buy us some time to get the medical card.

    So...hoping this direction is an option...

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    Sounds like a good plan! Gives you some breathing room on the finances and provides her the opportunity to move forward.