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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mog, Feb 1, 2010.

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    My difficult child had court today and I am sorry if I confused any of you about as to why--not for the current issue about him being jumped at school--but as it turns out for the judge to see how he is progressing. It was short and sweet(ugh after all that worry and no sleep for either of us) We went in and our lawyer looked confused and asked why we were here and I told him that the JPO said it was to evaluate difficult child's progress. I was worried because I am still resolving some issues with teachers saying that he was not in class but for one example he was at the junior/senior pep rally in the gym and his teacher marked him unexcused because she thought he was a sophomore but none of that got brought up. They just asked how things were going and I told them good gave them the letter from the church and what grades have been reported and he said ok we will check in a month. (difficult child just got his belongings from the foster family and they did not send him all of his stuff-big surprise but after all of today he just made the comment to me that if the program down there had there sh** together he would still be down there and not here at home with me--again I feel punched in the face so much for appreciation huh
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    I;'m glad it went well- he knows you cared, we moms just always get the brunt of it. I know that doesn't make it easier- it's just easier for me to take that attitude now that my son has been away from home (incarcerated) for a year. But I know it's tough.
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    Thank you for your support-so sorry to hear about where your difficult child is. Prays and hugs to you.
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    Glad things went well today. Sounds a positive step forward and a chance for your difficult child to be "caught doing good".

    My difficult child told me, when he switched literally overnight to a near typical teen (after near 10 years of brutal agony with him let me tell you) that he always took things out on me the worst, his thoughts, moods, rages, nasty words etc because he knew I had his back even if angry or hurt. He said he knew that in the end, when others might let him down, he knew I would not do so and therefore I was his safe person to take it all out on when he had to release it all or implode.

    It didn't feel good at the time. I cried streams. I was off/on medication for my nerves. I nearly walked away, I was that defeated.

    Then he told me this and has backed it all up by his continuing huge efforts to do well and his obvious desire over a extended time now, to make me proud of him. In hindsight, his abusive words and stuff towards me were a sign that under it all, I was his rock. I never could have felt that in the midst of it all. But looking back it makes perfect sense. Small consellation when you are deep in the thick of it, but perhaps a method of looking at it that at some moment when most needed, might keep you going.

    Again, awesome events at court. Glad to hear something good happened. Soudns like difficult child (and you) could use something good.
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    glad things went well yesterday for difficult child! Perhaps these positives will show him that hard work, dedication, and loving supporters can really make a difference.

    How did things go at the school meeting?