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In the school disrict where I work, a teacher got "in trouble" for doing something wrong, in terms of disipline. He humiliated kids, put them on the floor, and did weird things to them. One girl he did something to, called her mom, my friend and co-worker, right away. My friend marched into the superintendant office(attatched to our school), and he gave her the phone and had her call the principal at the school where this happened. The principal became angry at my friend and demanded to know how she got the number. Also, she told my friend that it's against our union rules to say anything negative about this other teacher because they both work in the same district. My friend said that she is acting as a PARENT now, and she was calling from the superintendants office. So, you can see how they protect their own-without even knowing the details. (But this behavior was common knowledge, in reality, to the other teachers.)This year he has tenure. He just got it with this contract.My easy child is in the grade, and school, this guy works. Last year my easy child never had a math teacher. They kept firing the ones they just hired, and he learned NOTHING! I mean it. I had concerns about things, easy child is in advanced math-and where will he be this year?..etc. and the principal NEVER ONCE returned my calls on this topic. I only called about 5 times all year. Now this school is just run so badly, but I want my child not to have this guy. I hate going into the guidance office and explaining -but I know they will switch him(only because I work in district). Really, I want to cause a big stink about this guy. His behaviors were all comfirmed, and he was on probation last year after this happened. Why does he still have a job? I had to get this off my chest. Thanks for "listening".-Alyssa


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it is common for teachers to cover others bad actions. even when I was in high school, there was a good ole boys club of teachers who leered at the girls, drank in bars after school and are still a club even though all those old creeps are retired now.

at ant's school the principal was a drunk and the asst principal bought drugs from some of the kids. she is now prinicpal, he is at a diff school. I think people keep quiet because their own kids are in the school and they dont want to make it hard on the kids by stirring things up. also the school district has tons of money and will go to court for their people and you may not be able to keep up with the expense.


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Our principal last year would lie to cover he but*. Another parent and I discovered this early on, so we would bring recording devices with us when we had meetings with her. We would keep every email etc. I submitted a forml complaint to her boss, included every email and a CD of all the recordings. I made a bulletted list of all my complaints with examples/dates and referred to my proof, the emails and CD. My complaint was the size of a 4 inch binder, I'm not joking! Anyways, even with all the proof of her lies and her inability to follow through with 504 students and what was put in place for them, safety issues and so on, she still works at the same school this year. We transferred our kids out of her school and I can't tell you how hard this was. I was a very active volunteer and knew most of the staff well. Now, because of this woman, my kids and I both had to start over, two in their last year of Elementary school. In fact, 12 families transferred to our new school and 2 families to another school, and these are just the families I know about. I want to go into the school and see the staff, but I don't feel welcome and I'm worried she's going to stop me at the door. We keep saying this will be her last year, but she's already done all the damage to our families. By the time she's gone, there won't be a need to return my kids there because we'll be familiar with the new school. In the mean time my old school needs volunteers more than my new school and I want to help, but I don't feel welcome nor do I even want to see her. One thing someone said to me was that it is near impossible to get a district employee fired. I hate that, but I guess with all the false accusations, teachers have to be covered and so does administration.

I'm so sorry for what you're dealing with, I definately understand how frustrating it is!

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Travis had a teacher who abused him in the 5th grade. This teacher knew of Travis's visual disability by me. But for some unknown reason he decided to target Travis for his sick games. Humilliation, teaching the class to use derogatory remarks concerning Travis, taking his textbooks and not allowing him to do classwork, not accepting homework that was turned in...sitting him out in the hall so he missed class discussion. I can go on and on, and he even tried to get other teachers to jump onto the bandwagon. And this wasn't enough for the jerk. He would call me at home and tell me Travis was refusing to do classwork and never turning in his homework! So whole year Travis was on some sort of punishment at home, too.

I didn't discover what was going on til the end of the year when Travis finally broke down and told me. I lost it. Went to the school ready to kill. Threatened a law suit if the jerk teacher wasn't punished, and meant it. Since other teachers, including the jerk's wife backed up Travis' story they fired him.

Three yrs later he was rehired as a teacher at the school. Stupid idiot decided to be the one to help kids cross the street. So.....being difficult child myself, I took to playing chicken with the guy everyday. (only I wasn't really playing)

If that wasn't bad enough, he is NOW a principal of the grade school!!!! Can you imagine a guy like that with that much power?? And Travis was only one of a multitude of this jerk's victims. But our current superintendent is worse than Jerk, and the two happen to be buddy buddy. :grrr:

I still take great pleasure in making the Jerk's life miserable. Recently I attended an assembly for my friend's son. Sat in the front row making Jerk sweat while giving him the look of death. Ahh, payback can be a *itch. lol

So I can empathize. All I can say is that none of my grandkids will be attending this school system.


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I've been a teacher for 22 years. The biggest pet peeve I have is tenure. I have seen SOOOO many teachers hide behind that safety net. It's always comforting to know you have job security, but tenure is not the way to do it. It's called...doing a good job.



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Daisylover-POOR TRAVIS!That is so heartbreaking! I'm glad that jerk was a crossing gaurd!!!Isn't it pathetic that he went from crossing gaurd to principal??? It's that good ol' boys thing. It's sad when you realize that the principal, who is top of that chain of comand, cares more about protecting their own, than any child. By far.


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Why don't you contact that "Dateline NBC" guy? He's always investigating the pervs on the internet, why not get him to look into the NJ school system?


It sure would be fun to watch this clown run to his car with the Dateline crew chasing him down for a "comment" - lol!



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Against union rules to say anything negative? I think you ought to look THAT ONE up in the contract (If it's not in there, it doesn't exist). I would love it see how THAT'S worded because it's so bizarre. So, how do they decipline for breaking the "rules"??

I'm not a big fan of tenure, either. A few years ago here, in California, they tried to raise tenure from two to five years. Interestly, most of the teachers I talked to privately were for it. If your good for two, you can be good for five. The California Teacher's Assoc. fought it with a vengeance with TV ads and it didn't pass.

I don't know how your SD is about bad publicity, but mine HATES it. If you have proof, witnesses, and documentation, go to the press. Newspaper, or local TV station. Have dates, etc.

I have informed (notice I didn't use the word "threaten") the principal of school site where I work if I see one particular teacher out of control with students again, I'm going to videotape it with my phone. I will show them and if they don't do anything about this teacher (I've reported incidents I have seen twice)I'm going to one of our local TV stations (who would eat this up) and giving it to them.

The principal tells me her hands are tied because of tenure (where they practically have to commit murder before they can be fired). When I told her about the video taping and going to the press, her eyes got like saucers. I like this principal, but the best interest of students comes first with me. I put it to her like this because she's a Mother: "Wouldn't you want me to say something if it was YOUR child she was going after and NOBODY ELSE would do anything about it???"

Not much arguing with that.

I'm not afraid for my job because I'm also protected by union contract and state, and federal, laws. Plus, I would slap a lawsuit on them so fast their heads would spin and my SD HATES lawsuits.

Do what you have to do to be able to sleep at night.



Union or not, I think most states have some type of law governing Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for teachers.

In Texas it is:

Texas Administrative Code
RULE §247.2 Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators


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Not all states have teacher unions. It is illegal in Georgia for public service workers to unionize.

We have something called tenure but it is not like tenure in union states. Teachers can be dismissed even if they have tenure. All that tenure means here is that the teacher has to be given a reason for termination unlike non-tenured teachers.

Seems reasonable to me. I have seen teachers removed from their positions that were tenured.

Maybe y'all need to move to Georgia. :grin:



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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Maybe y'all need to move to Georgia. </div></div>

Yeah, but then I have to start "warshing" stuff. :smile: