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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by JKF, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. JKF

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    difficult child has his psychiatric evaluation at 1:30 pm today. The results of this evaluation will determine if he will continue to receive housing or if he'll be put back on the streets. I'm such a nervous wreck. I'm praying that this works out in difficult child's favor. I need something good to happen for once. Please please please everyone send good vibes our way today. I appreciate it more than you know!
  2. pasajes4

    pasajes4 Well-Known Member

    Everything is crossed, beads are rattled, mojo flowing
  3. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers today. Please keep us posted.
  4. scent of cedar

    scent of cedar New Member

    I'm here too, JKF.

    We will all be waiting to hear, and holding good thoughts for you, and for your son.

    It's a wonderful thing, that he has this second chance. How are you holding up?

    It must be so hard to feel strong enough, when there is so much riding on this decision.

    I am praying for a little extra strength, a little breath of calmness, for you this morning.


  5. DDD

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    You can count onme to be on the cyber support team. been there done that and completely understand your anxiety about the results. Will you know soon or will you have to wait to see what comes in the mail whenever it shows up? Hugs DDD
  6. recoveringenabler

    recoveringenabler Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Sending you and difficult child prayers and big positive vibes and lots of hugs............let us know what happens...........
  7. busywend

    busywend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Crossing everything! You and difficult child are in my prayers!
  8. Rabbit

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    Sending hugs and prayers
  9. Kathy813

    Kathy813 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Have you heard yet? I am sending all the good vibes that I can!

  10. JKF

    JKF Well-Known Member

    Thank you all!! It went in difficult child's favor. He's been extended at the motel for another week while they try to find him a place to live. The only thing that worries me is that they are looking for a rooming house type of situation and they said if difficult child messes THAT up he's definitely on his own. But I'm going to take one day at a time. RIGHT NOW - in this moment - everything is ok!! Whew! Again - thank you for all of your prayers and good vibes!
  11. DammitJanet

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    Lots of rooming houses arent that bad. When Buck was actually working we got him into one and he had a small room he put his bed and then a larger room that he set up as a living room type thing. Of course they do have to share the kitchen and the bathrooms but lots of people keep microwaves, dorm fridges and a hot plate and crockpot in their rooms so they dont have to interact with the other people there.
  12. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    Rooming house is the only option to a group home? Really?
    (I'm with you... )

    I do know that they can do better than that, but maybe they don't do it in your area. I know people who live in their own bachelor-style (i.e. one-room plus bathroom) apartment, with enough of a kitchen to handle breakfast and a light meal (sandwich, or heating up soup)... and they work in a restaurant at a low end job, but part of their pay is their "main meal". Someone comes in to help with laundry and cleaning, and someone else manages finances. There ARE creative solutions out there...
  13. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    Fingers crossed!
  14. FlowerGarden

    FlowerGarden Active Member

    Glad things went difficult child's way. Hope they find a place that you feel comfortable with.
  15. JKF

    JKF Well-Known Member

    I know IC - it doesn't make sense. The Dr. said he can't function in a "group situation" but they want to put him in a house with 5 strangers and have them all share a kitchen and bathroom. That seems like a "group situation" to me. He'd have his own room but still. It makes me very nervous.

    He's at the motel for two weeks. Until the 31st. I'm going to try with all of my might between now and then to see if they will reconsider and put him in his own place. A studio apartment would be ideal. His own bathroom, small kitchen area, and living space wrapped up in one.

    In the meantime, he seems to be doing ok. He's taking his medications and seems to be holding up for the most part.

    I do have a couple of concerns though. One is that he's displaying some paranoid behavior. For example, the mirror is off of the wall and now covered with a blanket in a corner of his room bc he thinks something is going to come out of the mirror and get him. He also thinks the AC unit glows and that he hears weird whispering when he's talking on the phone. That really really concerns me. I left a message for the MHA worker asking her to call me as soon as she can.

    The other problem is that he binge eats all of the food he's given. He's always done that but it's getting really expensive now and I honestly don't have the money to keep feeding him if he's going to eat a weeks worth of food in a day. I've bought him groceries and home cooked food several times and he also went to the food pantry yesterday yet he's still out of food. His foodstamps won't be filled until the 1st and he has nothing until then so I'm bringing him one more bag of groceries today and making sure he understands that he needs to "budget" his food or he doesn't eat.

    So it's day by day but I'm learning to stay strong and be calm. One day at a time.
  16. tryagain

    tryagain Active Member

    Wishing you good luck with this endeavor-and a ((HUG)) We can all relate, I think. Keep the board posted on the outcome.
  17. scent of cedar

    scent of cedar New Member

    It is so hard to be strong, JKF. You are handling everything very well. It is sad to see our children confused and in pain. Though I continue to do those things which might help? I also find Recovering's imagery of putting my child (and myself sometimes too, if the day has been especially hard) in the palm of a higher, spiritual power's hands. God's hands, but I don't know your belief system, and don't want to offend. This imagery has helped me when I literally don't know what else to do or how to think about what is happening.

    How does that quote go? Something like, "For this surcease, much thanks; for 'tis bitter cold, and I am sick at heart." Maybe Witz will know which play that is from. The sentiment behind it speaks to just what this feels like and it comforts me, sometimes. I hope it helps you, too.

    I am glad you called the MH worker. Your son's medications need to be adjusted. Maybe that is why he couldn't stay in the group setting he was in. How strange that someone did not think to assess him for that, before they tossed him out. Grrr....

    If difficult child is bingeing to numb out, would it help to find him some kind of masculine workout tape? Or, maybe, something like crochet, or beading, or one of those leather-working kits? Or maybe paper and paint or colored pencils? Maybe, a harmonica or an old guitar?

    I don't know what I would do with myself either, if I were stuck in a hotel room for two weeks.

    Wishing you well, JKF, and sending strength. You are an amazing mom. Your son is so fortunate, to have you in his corner.