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I called Cory over and over this morning to tell him I was coming over this morning to pick up my rent money. He and Billy had made the arrangement that Cory would give me the $400 rent at the beginning of the month and Billy would take care of everything else...electric, cable, water and some food. Cory is also supposed to buy food for him and McKenzie.

Well it took me over 2 hours to get him to answer his phone. I told him I would be there around noon because I had to drop by the mechanic's to get my car inspected.

So I go by the shop and the mechanic cant do it then because his machine is down and DMV had shut him down until they got a new part put in. Maybe tomorrow. Okay. So I hop over to Cory's to pick up the money and he hands me 200. I ask where the rest is. Oh he says, Billy is gonna give me his part later today on his way home. Hmmm. Then Cory starts getting dressed and asked me to run him around the corner for something. I asked where. He said Oh just run me around the corner to Red Springs. Folks...Red Springs is about 20 miles away!!!! That is not right around the corner. He says he NEEDS to go because he has to pick up this scooter he is buying. He needs it right now because the baby has a rash and needs to go to the doctor. He cant take the baby to the doctor on a scooter! I refused.

I told him flat out I wasnt taking him anywhere because my inspection was dead, my registration was dead and I wasnt taking the chance on getting a ticket going somewhere I didnt absolutely need to go. In reality I do have 15 days to get this all taken care of but NO! This scooter is a stupid idea anyway.

Then tonight right as we were getting in bed Tony decides to yell at me and tell me I had to go over to the house bright and early tomorrow and MAKE Cory give me the rest of the money. In fact, I am to take the 200 he gave me and throw it in his face and say "I dont want 200, I want 400!" That doesnt sound like a good idea to me. Billy honestly doesnt really have an extra 200 to give me right now but he will manage somehow if he has to. He just paid the power bill and the cable bill out of his first check of the month. His second check of the month goes for his car bills and credit cards.

Really, Cory makes enough to easily pay me 400 a month and have enough money to live if he is careful. He would have 700 left over after giving me the 400. I only get 800 a month! He gets 300 more a month than I do. How that happened I dont know.

So if Cory cant give me 200 tomorrow listen for a loud boom from NC.

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Then tonight right as we were getting in bed Tonydecides to yell at me and tell me I had to go over
to the house bright and early tomorrow and MAKE
Cory give me the rest of the money.

I don't think it was fair of Tony to yell at you about something you have no control over, Janet.

Were you able to sleep well, after having been yelled at just as you were preparing for the night?

I understand Tony being upset, but I wish he would think of your feelings, too.

So if Cory cant give me 200 tomorrow listen for a
loud boom from NC.

Tony should be going with you, I think.

That is alot to put on your shoulders. It's like you're caught in the middle.



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I agree but he wont. He decides that because he works and I dont, I have to take care of everything else. He also has this weird relationship thing with Cory. I think he is like 5 or 6 years behind us in the whole experience/detachment thing. He is so mad he cant think straight but he also wants that control. He doesnt understand we have no control. He gets mad at me because I expect nothing...or actually I probably expect the worst and if it doesnt happen I am pleasantly surprised. I would happily just change my phone number, lock my door and forget I have kids. Meanwhile Tony is bringing Cory here on the weekends for brunch or fishing, taking him and the grands to the water park and making plans to go up to Jamie's with him for a camping trip! I think that sends a very mixed message.


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if the deal was cory pays $400 and billy pays utilities, i would click the light switch to verify there is power, turn faucet to verify there is water; then remind cory of what the agreement was and say it's obvious that billy is doing his part power and water still on - YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IS RENT and how can you stiff me for half the rent and in the same breath tell me about a scooter you want to buy, also why would you buy anything you can't transport a baby in? might add do we need to add a $25 late fee each day you are late on rent to the agreement?

just a thought, take what you can use and leave the rest. hope things get better soon men can be so frustrating sometimes.