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Hoping maybe someone knows something about having a tooth pulled.

My easy child had his first today. A baby that was broken, and had to be taken out. He got the novacaine (cried), the dentist pulled (and pulled and pulled, it wouldn't come loose, and easy child cried more), and it finally came out.

So, he stuck the gauze in, and said easy child could take it out in about 30 minutes. Gave me the instructions, light food today, no rinsing til tomorrow, etc.

I took him to school after. I figured he'd be fine. I have had several pulled over my time, and never had an issue.

So, I take him to the nurse, explain what happened, she gives him some Tylenol, said he was already clotting, everything was good. That was 10 AM.

Now, I pick him up from the babysitter today at 5 PM and he's STILL bleeding!!!!!!!!!

I came home, put gauze, made him sit 30 minutes, and it stopped, then started a teeny, did that all over again.

It seems ok now, but I'm concerned it could start overnight while he's sleeping. He hasn't bled now in a few hours, maybe he's ok now.

He is on blood pressure medication, Captopril, for his heart issues. He did take the Amoxil first, too, that he has to have, prior to all dental work. Could the BiPolar (BP) medication just be thinning his blood and causing this? I dunno if I should even be worried. He can't bleed overnight and choke on it?

I tried to call the dentist around 5ish, but it was too late, gone for the day. GRR.

Thanks for any/all advice.


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I'd try to get hold of the dentist tonight, explain the situation to his service. Normally I wouldn't do that, but with his medications...
Also, try to put ice on his face to reduce any swelling. Don't let him sip with a straw, it can draw out the clot.


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I'd call the dentist as well. Also, I'd sleep in the same room--he'll likely be fine but I'm all for playing it safe in situations like these.


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Most dentists don't have emergency numbers, so what you should do is call the prescribing doctor for the BiPolar (BP) medications and ask him. He'd know whether or not the medications could be impacting it. You should also ask the pharmacist if there are any contraindications that could also have this type of impact.

If the tooth was a front tooth a cool cloth on the lip (outside - not on the "hole" itself) could help the clotting as well.

Keep us up to date!



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most dentists in PA DO have emerg numbers and can be reached 24/7.
I am sure you figured it out by now.
pressue on gauze stops the bleeding. hard pressure by biting on a wad of gauze.

always be sure to tell dentists what medications you are on so they can plan accordingly.