Torn meniscus?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. KTMom91

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    Since my fall a while back, I've been having trouble with my knee. I should say more trouble than usual. It's a bit swollen, and it hurts, but I could still get around all right. About ten days ago, my knee blew out during a water aerobics class, and it's been hurting more and more, and now I can barely walk. Finally went to my doctor, who says it's most likely a torn meniscus, and gave me a referral to an orthopedist. This sounds to me like surgery is in my near future. Anyone else experience this? Does the surgery hurt as much as the tear does?
  2. Steely

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    Nope, so sorry.
    What about PT?
  3. DammitJanet

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    I havent actually torn my meniscus but I have had arthroscopic surgery on my knee to remove calcification deposits. They went in to see if my meniscus was torn because that would have been the easier thing to fix.

    The scoping surgery really isnt that bad. Its same day surgery and as long as you start taking your pain medications before the numbing medications wear off, you shouldnt be in too much pain. I made the mistake the first leg thinking I was feeling ok and not starting the pain medications right away...oh big mistake! I woke up writhing in Did not do that with the second knee let me tell you!!!

    I think they do more PT with torn meniscus surgery than they do with what I had because they can heal it. Mine there was no healing. Im left with bone on bone.
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    The surgery doesn't hurt. The PT afterwards is incredibly painful but the alternative is non-stop pain and you know the PT pain will stop.
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    Orthopedist needs to send you for an MRI to determine if you have a torn meniscus or ripped ligament. He will do some preliminary tests in the office.

    It's arthroscopic surgery and they only trim away the area that is torn, not like years ago when the would just remove the cartilage all together, which was painfull and then caused traumatic arthritis, whereby always needing a knee replacement. It's a pretty simple procedure. Usually two or three days recovery. Docs will give you some pain medications, but most likely after the first day or two, you won't need them.

    If it's a ripped ligament requiring surgery, then it's a bit more involved and depending on the surgery, not all that much more painful than what I described above, but just a longer recovery period.

    Yes, I've actually had the surgery and I'm not just typing from doing the office notes. I've also seen many, many patients in the office (prior to working from home) come in after the surgery to follow up with doctor. Very rarely did we ever have a patient still have trouble after the surgery and then it was usually because there was a tremendous amount of arthritis and no matter what was performed, they were told that it may only be palliative treatment, but they would ultimately need a knee replacement.

    Keep us posted.
  6. hearts and roses

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    Ditto everything Loth said. I had the surgery for a torn meniscus - they did an MRI prior to the surgery. They were able to repair one side and carve out the other. I was up and walking within 45 minutes and was given exercises to do at home. I had to take it easy for about a week, but HAD to move that joint often. I borrowed a friend's stationary bike and cycled each day twice a day, not vigorously, but steady and on the easiest setting.

    The surgery is soooooo worth it and not anywhere near as painful as dealing with the tear.
  7. Star*

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    Your man tore his WHAT? I didn't know they had one of those - maybe THAT is what makes them behave like men. (slaps head) an ISCUS -never knew!
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    Had that done many years ago. (skiing/clutz issue) I don't remember the actually surgery being painful, but don't know it was exactly done right. I still walk with a slight limp when I've been on my feet all day. Not going to revisit that issue.

    A key issue is if it ligament. I think I'd jump at the MRI to determine that. Ok...maybe you won't be jumping, but maybe limping.

    My ligament was torn from the knee to the ankle in several places. Not fun.

  9. KTMom91

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    Got my referral today...but my appointment isn't for two weeks. Thanks for the input! I have some idea of what to expect now.
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    owieeeee, sounds painful
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    DItto Loth.

    My stuff didn't show up on the MRI, tho, so after 6 months of PT, they assumed a tear and did the surgery. I ended up having to have 2 surgeries because the first ended up more involved than just the tear, but the second, when they truly just trimmed cartilage, was cake.

    Hope it goes well!