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    I was thinking that we all must know some foreign land that we probably would never have known unless we were extensive travelers. If you find a link to a lovely vacation get away or a remote place you think no one has ever heard of - post the link here.

    Maybe we can get a vacation destination and invite Raoul......

    Personally I'd like to go to New Zeland and see Janie! I've seen pictures and OMG it's just a slice of heaven - beach on one side sheep on the other.
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    Star, what a lovely idea.

    Here's one. It's the Kaieteur Falls in central Guyana, the country where my darling Grannie and my difficult child-mother are from.

    Guyana is a beautiful country. Tons of rainforest, lots of exotic animals, hibiscus flowers just growing wild at the side of the road...

    It has been politically unstable for a long time, but things seem to be settling down. I would research very very carefully before venturing in, but it's worth seeing if you can go safely.

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    This is where I'd like to go. My Mom got a joke subscription to Conde Nast a few years ago, and this was one of the featured destinations. I've been dreaming about bring rich and seeing it ever since.

    Board's being weird today. I link to Wikipedia, when I check it, it takes me back to this thread. So I change the link to a google image search for the seychelles, and now THAT link is taking me to Wikipedia. And a second ago, it was back to Wikipedia, but the link still READS as a GIS search. Anyone else having weird issues? :)
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    Trinity, St. Vincent is on my list that is quickly becoming a mile long.

    I am a domestic traveler thus far...For an inexpensive but beautiful vacation I HIGHLY recommend St. Pete's Beach, FL/Treasure Island, FL in April. All along the gulf coastline there are the most adorable little shops and shantys to eat and shop at and sunsets are the most romantic thing ever. Lots to see and do as a family as well as couples only. And it's not super glitzy or expensive.

    For adventure, I HIGHLY recommend white water rafting on the New River/Gauley River in West Virginia. A really great outfitter that I can recommend (if I'm allowed) is Wildwater Unlimited - awesome people and lots of fun and excitement. You can camp on their grounds and they have bands on occasional weekends and chili cookoffs. There are a lot of other local attractions to visit as well in that area, such as The Greenbriar and Tamarack. Definitely check it out.

    Maine is another state that I love to vacation in - in particular the Sebago Lake area. We've rented cabins and camped in that area. Lots to see and do. We have gone mostly towards the middle to end of July and the weather was always perfect.

    There are many others, but I just realized how ordinary these things sounded...we really haven't done any exotic travel, but I aim to do so now that I'm the owner of a time share exchange. Watch
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    Jo, those places don't sound ordinary at all. I LOVE the Florida Gulf Coast. It's been about 15 years since I've been, and I've been meaning to get back there for such a long time, but life just keeps getting in the way.

    I've also been meaning to explore the Northeastern U.S. a lot more. Don't really have an excuse, as it's so close to home.
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    Seconded, with the add-on that you have to go (in the fall, I think) for Bridge Day. One day a year, they open the ridiculously high bridge over the New River gorge to BASE jumpers---parachute-in-hand, off they go! It's an experience just to WATCH it. :)
  8. hearts and roses

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    BRIDGE DAY IS AWESOME!!! Eeky, do you go white water rafting then??

    Are you near that area? I go every year at least once, sometimes twice if I can get down that way. My sister and her son's and their families live in Fayetteville!
  9. Star*

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    Get away from it ALL - really - the most remote place on earth - 1750 miles from Capetown Africa - they didn't get television until 2001 - and their dialect is something like English/Jamaican/French -

    Only 80 familes live on this volcano island and no one outside is allowed to buy land there. Only seven family names exist.

    Talk about getting away from EVERYTHING......ugh. One mail plane a year.
  10. Fran

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    One of my favorite domestic places is Taos New Mexico. It's not as polished as Santa Fe since it's a little less accessible. It has something for everyone. An artist community, cowboys, Indians, white water rafting, hiking,skiing.
    It's where I first saw Great Pyr's at work. We have been there winter, summer, spring and fall. We are always refreshed when we leave.

    Yellowstone is my second favorite but not in July and August. Way too many people. I'm hoping to go in winter just once.

    Orca Islands off the shoreline of Seattle/Bellingham is a beautiful place to go also.
    We were fortunate enough to visit S. Africa and Zimbabwe a few years ago. Doing a wild life safari in the bush of Kruegar National Park was an experience of a lifetime.

    I want to go to Australia and New Zealand for a month.... Some day when I grow up. Israel and maybe China are a close second. If I'm dreaming then lets throw in Russia.
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  12. ThreeShadows

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    JoG, that's why Maine is known as "vacationland"! It's beautiful there. The weather is great in July. My friend has a cabin on Little Sebago which she rents out to "flatlanders" (that would be you)! Canoeing on those lakes with the sounds of loons all around is a special experience. We had bear and moose in our backyard. Did you ever read Blueberries For Sal? Our land has blueberry bushes which attract the bears.
  13. susiestar

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    Y'all know what is SAD??

    In my life we have only taken 2 trips that were not to stay with relatives/visit relatives. One when I was a preteen, one when Wiz was under age 2. Even the trip we took him to Disney in FL was primarily to see my Gma because we knew she would only live a few more months.

    So I will look at all the neat places you all suggest!! Thanks for this thread, it gives me ideas
  14. ThreeShadows

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    Hey, Susiestar! If you ever want to see how our government is spending your money, come here and we can go to Difficult Child! The Smithsonian is great.
  15. Fran

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    Three Shadows I was going to suggest big city vacations. I love Difficult Child. It's an amazing place and a lot of the attractions are free. NYC is fun. It's almost familiar because you have seen so many parts of it in movies and TV.

    everywoman, I have yet to make it to San Francisco and I haven't really spent much time in Chicago. Not sure why but they just didn't come up. I have read about Pauley Island. I would love to visit Savannah, Natchez, Richmond and some of the historical sites.

    I'll have to live to 130 to see all the things I want to see.
  16. hearts and roses

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    H and I are having a heck of a time figuring out a place we both would like. For instance, if we went to FL I prefer the Western side (Gulf) and H prefers the Eastern (Atlantic) so the only place we somewhat agree on is the Keys, which I won't go to until October...I am in the insurance industry and just don't want to forfeit my vacation week, you know? And of course, H wants to go in mid-summer. I suggested this place up on Lake George because H has always wanted to go to the Saratoga Race Track, but when I mentioned it, H asked me, "Yeah, but what is there to do at Lake George?" Well, duh, we'd be in the mountains and on a lake - I'm sure we could find something to do!!! We even disagreed on where to go in Mexico for crying out loud. I'm almost thinking of taking my own vaca at this point!

    So, EW, we're looking at SC. H has always wanted to see Hilton Head. I too would like to see HH, but I don't know if I am up for the crowds, tourists, etc. You mentioned Pawley's Island. I'm going to research that area. What is the weather like in late September?

    I am loving this thread!
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    No, I've never been brave enough---and I even lived in Richmond for a while, which has rafting WITHIN the city limits!

    I'm not close down to the area, but we used to drive down every year or two for Bridge Day. I grew up more in the Northern VA, WV panhandle region. But it's definitely the area I cite to people who make fun of WV - until you visit, you have NO idea how beautiful it is!!! :D
  18. everywoman

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    Just got home to respond. Pawleys, Litchfield, and my section of the coastline is beautiful in September. It's still warm enough for days on the beach, most of the tourists are gone and you can maneuver around the northern strand (Murrels Inlet, Garden City, Surfside, Myrtle Beach) much easier. Golf is big. Off-shore fishing is fun. Lots of historical sites. A beautiful nature botanical garden---Hunington/Brookgreen. The food is fabulous. Shopping is superb.
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    Hey, EW! How was your trip? My family used to vacation at Pawley's Island when I was growing up. My Mom lives not too far from there- probably closer to Janet- now.