Turning 18 and losing insurance

difficult child will be turning 18 in a few months and has indicated that she will be moving out of the house and not returning to school.

This action will disqualify her from my insurance plan through work. She is going to have difficulties holding down a job (particularly if she decides to NOT finish school), so where does she go for health insurance?

I should mention that she will be getting an insurance settlement at age 18 also, so I need some suggestions on what she could do, so she doesn't spend her entire monthly allowance on insurance premiums.

Is there something that could help her that is reasonably priced - - or free?????

Thank you in advance.


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I really can't advise you on this other than to say there may be some policies out there for singles alone, but they are usually quite expensive. If she is getting some type of settlement I doubt she will qualify for Medicaid, which is the route I would normally encourage you to go. She may qualify thru a local health dept though as they may take self pay as long as she can warrant she'll have the funds to pay. A private physician might also, but she will have to really prove the funds to him/her. BLUE

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When Danny was no longer eligable to be carried under my insurance, they did offer him a cobra - they also sent a letter saying he had continuous insurance if he was going to pick up new insurance - that way there would be coverage for pre existing.

You may want to call your health insurance plan and see what they will offer.



Have you tried applying for SSI for her? There are certain assets and a limited amount of income allowed that will not disqualify her from SSI. With SSI comes medicaid in most states.
I would LOVE to be able to get SSI for her (and Medical), but she is about to receive an insurance settlement and, I believe, it would disqualify her from SSI (due to the amount).

Does anyone know if they include insurance settlement $$ as "assets", or is it possible that these "assets" cannot be used in the computations??

Does that make sense?


It's possible. Particularly if it's a monthly amount which your prior post suggests. I've done quite a bit of research on this- send me a pm and I'll help you figure it out.


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Here in the city where I live, there is a program run through several community hospitals, that is health care based on your income. A friend of mine had knee surgery and paid a very nominal fee, based on his wages at the time. Call around to your community hospitals to find out about programs, or the local health department.


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just thought I'd add a bit more about how you qualify for SSI and amount you get if you do qualify. Once someone reaches 18 they can no longer hold the parents income against them in terms of "assets". That was why my difficult child finally qualified......even though we are by no means wealthy!!! She actually got her medicaid card first though, as the DHR of our county somehow got that for her even though she was not yet 18. Her SSI goes directly to the DHR who sends it directly the EGBH for her monthly room and board. However she has recently been moved from one vocational rehab program to another,called work adjustment(supposed to get them ready to go out into the workforce,although she had already done this while in high school). Well she gets paid for the "jobs" they do now in this program,(although wrapping string around two pegs is NOT what I wanted for her with the change in this program). Anyway the guidance counselor at the voc rehab told her to tell me that she was going to be receiving pay ($18 one week is the highest she has made) so that I could let SSDI know so that they could reduce her monthly payment accordingly!!!!!!! Anyway just to let you know they will use ANY amount of income to decide eligibility and payment amounts.
I really get confused on what she has, whether it be SSDI or SSI ( I think it's the latter), But both do the calculations somewhat the same)!
Big Blue: Thank you for the additional information. They sure are strict on the income stuff, aren't they?? I can't believe that they would actually deduct $18 from her check. Give me a break :rolleyes:

OTE: Thank you for the additional info in your most recent PM to me. I have been contacting the attorney that was handling the original insurance settlement, to look into a special needs trust, but am having difficulties making any progress. I may need to look elsewhere for another attorney.

Thank you all for your help!