UGH!!! difficult child picked up today

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    Oh my I am in a whirlwind. I told you that difficult child had been harassed by a guard just right before they transported him to court and that he was upset but he didn't blow it and we brought him home. Well we had reported the incident to the lady that monitors his gps and she said not to worry about it that he was out now and just try to stay out of trouble. We came home and difficult child called and left messages for JPO. I called and left several messages and husband called and left messages but none of us got a response. difficult child said that he informed the Laywer that it was not safe for him to go back to the detention to be released there but he said there was nothing he could do.:mad:
    Today JPO called to let us know that difficult child had been arrested at school and transported to the same facility. He asked us why we did not inform him of this incident.:angry-very::angry-very::angry-very:I told him that we had left several messages for him over the last several days and he had not returned ONE call. He said well thats because we were working on the warrant:furious: Coward!!!!!!
    He did not look into the day reporting thing so that was NOT an option.We just got difficult child reinstated at the school this morning after calling the world trying to figure out a way for him not to have to go back to the high school.

    I feel so bad :sad-very::sick: for difficult child. He keeps saying that no body wants him. I am heartbroken for him and don't know what to say or do to make it better. How is he suppose to prove that he has changed when they don't give him a chance. It's just ducking from one assault after another. It angers me Soo much the way that some of these people act. They pick on these kids in facilities and make fun but then when our difficult child's try to defend themselves they are the ones in trouble.
    Please pray that they will give him a chance!!!
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    Mog, I'm sorry things are so challenging for your difficult child right now. I hope things start to turn around soon.