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    Well I have a horrible cold and cough..... I tend to get these when I get sick. So I decided to see if we had any robitussen.... went to where we keep the lock boxes for medications. We had all our medications in those for obvious reasons. They are not there!!!!


    I have not been sick for quite a while so our strong suspicion (ok we know without a doubt) that our difficult child took them when he stayed here without our permission over the summer. That was back in August but we have all been pretty healthy and so I don't think we have gone in them since then. We have not been locking our OTC medications so carefully since he is not in the house.

    My husband told me this morning before I discovered this that he found in the back yard a plastic bag with old bottles of prescription cough medicine in them. We figured that was from long ago (we live near woods so it is not like we would necessarily see it easily). Now we figure they came from the lock boxes... and my guess is we will find those lock boxes out there eventually.

    No point in asking my son about it at this point... just give him another chance to lie to us. Sigh and he doesn't really think he has a drug problem??????? Come on!!!!!

    I am thankful this morning he doesn't live here any more. And I thought when he stayed here he hadn't taken anything. Sigh.

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    Yikes, TL
    It is true can't trust an addict...or their thinking sometimes. Even one who has been in recovery for a long long time.

    Confession...2 nights ago I took one of husband's "pain medications" to go to "sleep" sigh.
    Not to worry though...I told on myself to both husband and my mother yesterday.
    Even at my age (45) it can creep up on me.

    Anyway, I understand. husband and I cleaned out the garage recently and found bottle after bottle from young difficult child's stay at our house before incarceration. It's a sad reminder.
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    I know what you mean. Buck just told me that his dr has been giving him vicodin and other pain medications for pain. I was like you have got to be kidding me! Does he know you are an addict? Why on earth would a doctor give an addict pain medications? Buck said oh I havent been on really strong drugs for several a year. I stopped meth and crack a year ago and only used pot up till September. I told Buck, an addict is an addict for life. It doesnt matter. He says well I never was addicted to pain medications. He said you use more pain medications than I do. I was ready to strangle him. Tony came in then or I might have gone off on my tangent that would have sent him packing.
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    Ugh is right TL. It looks like your difficult child is using anything he can to maintain his high. I'm not even sure he has a drug of choice at this point. I truly hope he is getting help where he's at because I am really worried about him.....I'm not telling you anything you don't know or feel already. I know how your heart sinks when you find irrefutable evidence of their use.

    I hope you are feeling better soon.

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    You're right, doesn't matter how long Buck has been off "strong drugs"...He IS an addict for life.
    This is a disease and it seeks to kill the afflicted one. It also seeks to destroy, not only the addict, but all those who love and "care for" (you and Tony) the addict.
    It will rob you of your character, your financial well being, your health, your relationships, etc.
    It has but one final goal...

    Addicts have a responsibilty to themselves for life.
    It is "elusive and cunning" always waiting to creep up on you when you're not "coping with the right tools" "leaning on a Higher Power" etc. When "life happens" which it does to us all...the addict is in particular danger. And of course it's a vicious cycle. I'm in pain, so I use. I use and I'm in pain and so on.

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    So sorry. It's such a heartbreaking process. Glad you are detached. Hugs DDD
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    TL -we need to stop hanging out together- I have a miserable cold too!

    Sorry your medications are gone. That's an awful feeling. {{{hugs}}} it also stinks that your difficult child was in your house while you were away.

    I've been a bit worried about our spring break plans because we will be away and I am guessing difficult child will be in town at girlfriend''s house (down the street) for Easter. I think I will take my valuables to the safety deposit box.

    We have an alarm & he doesn't have a key (to my knowledge). While he hasn't stolen from us before- I still worry about him being here when we r not home. His DL has our address so I may need to let the police know he is not welcome here in the event that he does trip the alarm. Eep
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    LOL Sig.... I hope we both feel better soon.

    I think what gets me is that I didn't notice it at the time. We came home, had talked to him, knew he was here and checked the house to see if anything was missing. Nothing obvious was. I would think I would have looked for the medication boxes and now of course I can't remember since this was months ago. Maybe we will find them somewhere... but I really doubt it.

    If I had noticed at the time I would have confronted him at the time. Not sure really that would have made any difference really.... would we have gone to the police. I don't know. Now there really is no point.... but it just gives you that icky feeling.

    Nancy I am worried about him too. I don't have a lot of faith left. He got in touch the other day because he needed some hygenie stuff to get ready for a job interview. I did get him that.... was he conning me again? Maybe? I was hopeful though that he was really interviewing..... but I have not heard from him and I did text him and ask how the interview went which makes me feel very wary.

    He can be so nice and appreciative when he wants or needs something. Well I think it is tomorrow that they will decide if he can move over to the better sober house. We shall see.....

    I am worn out right now.... probably being sick doesn't help!!! Anyway I will pick up some cough stuff this afternoon and at least now I don't have to worry about hiding it. I did have the crazy thought of drinnking a bottle of it to see how it felt.... but ick of course I would not do that. Ugh. I just don't understand why they take the chances they do to get high? And yes he will take anything to get high and that is what is so scary. I think pot is his drug of choice but if he can't get that he will try whatever he can. He has been that way since he was 14. Really sad.