Uncle Uncle Uncle...Hear me Life? I'm calling Uncle!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mom2oddson, Aug 16, 2010.

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    My little rubber-band is stretched so tight, it goes around the world twice. And it's starting to fray.

    Countless years (actually 14years) of difficult children. A difficult child mother in law throwing her ick in every chance she got. A job that just gets worse and worse, but is still one of the few good paying ones in the area. A second job that was supposed to be for fun every once in a while so that I had mad money to spend on my hobbies, which now has turned into a MUST job every single weekend so that I can maybe pay the bills - forget hobbies. So now I work seven days a week without a break.... Oh, except for the week that I get to take my Mom and handicapped sister to see my Grandmother (the Queen of all GFGdom!) My Mom reverts back to a kid trying to please the unpleasable. I get watch my sister, who just sits in a room and watches TV, to make sure that in no way, shape, or form, she does anything that could cause difficult child-Grandma to dump her vengance on my little sister. And my Step-Gpa (R) who is a whiny-sniveling spoiled pompus brat who makes life worse than my G'ma can. R has an absolute fit if you use more than 3 minutes of water in your shower, or get a phone call on his house phone. (There is NO cell reception - got to drive 25 minutes toward town to get even a bar). And G'ma... if I am not glued to her side, I don't love her. True thing on the Easter Visit, went to the bathroom, wasn't in there two minutes when she started in on my Mom about why I was avoiding her! I've been horrding my anxiety medications to deal while I'm there. Got a psychiatrist appointment the day before I go, and the day after I get back. Normally, I can deal. Not now, I'm too frazzled.

    Add to that the stress of how we will make the ends meet when the court order starts deducting husband's check.... husband is on a Biggest Pity Party ever!!! Can you see the spot lights? Hear the band? And don't forget the jumping house and balloons, and clowns and oh the food he has at this thing. But how dare I be even slightly upset? Or need to have down time? Or need a break from anything? It's HIS Mommy that is doing this to HIM.

    I'm wound so tight that the tinest things just about push me over the edge. I swear I cracked a tooth when in the quick check-out line yesterday because I was trying so hard not to yell at the lady in front of me! It's a quick check line for us in-a-hurry people. This lady had a ton of stuff, watched it all get checked, THEN got out her check-book and started filling it out. THEN, remembered the bread in her basket and had to do another purchase. So, when you see the news about the woman who went insane in the grocery store and started beating a helpless woman with a loaf of bread - You'll know it's me.

    So. Again. Life - listen to me - I am calling UNCLE!!!!!

    Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I hear you and am not far from that place myself.

    See this? ---> .

    That's how big the knot is at the end of my rope....and it appears to be slipping.
  3. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Venting with you and you my lady deserve to not only vent but let out a HUGE SCREAM!!!
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    I haven't done the scream thing since difficult child-A moved out. It was a habitual thing while he was there. I'd drive down the highway, heading towards work and just let out the loudest primal scream that I could! I always felt so better after that. I might try it on the way home. Thanks!
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    I understand... more than I care to admit. {{{Hugs}}}