Update on Cory.


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I havent updated before now because I wasnt sure how to even report anything...sigh.

He was released on Friday from jail and has been staying with us since then. He has been almost completely appropriate. As appropriate as a difficult child can be. He still has a few difficult child habits such as not completing the entire sink full of dishes when asked or eating my jelly beans but all in all...he has been good.

He has gone to apply for public housing but that isnt going to work out because of the criminal record.

The absolute best news of all is that he went out today applying everywhere looking for a job...and I mean everywhere. He has always said he wouldnt work for less than 8 bucks an hour because that is what he was getting paid when he started as a laborer in construction. Well...he is so desperate and knows that he is in dire straights now that he is willing to take any job and work anywhere now.

He applied with a staffing agency today and got hired immediately with a manufacturing plant here! Its a decent job but they only pay 6.15 an hour for the first 90 days. But even more thrilling is he is thrilled to be working. They started him today!!! As soon as he filled out the paperwork he went right to work. The guy he is working under told him after the 90 days is up they will hire him permanent and then train him to drive a forklift and get him a forklift license!!!

At that point he will make 11 bucks an hour.

Pray this is the turning point for him. He really seems to be trying hard.


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We are trying to find him a place to stay, hopefully within the first couple of paychecks. He is only making a tiny bit so he will not be living in grand style but hard work keeps one from having time to get into trouble.

I had to giggle to myself though. I overheard him saying to himself under his breath..."I have to take anything now, I have *bleeped* myself up so badly. Any job is better than stealing."


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Janet...I dont know if he IS changed really. Maybe it is the fact that he was in for longer this time...maybe it is the fact that Keyana changed a lot while he was in, who knows.

He hasnt been put back on medications yet. In fact, he is supposed to have a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow but we have to reschedule that because he cant miss work so soon after starting...lol. Neither he nor I even knew he had this doctor appointment to be honest. They simply called today to inform me of it.

I think he did some serious thinking in jail. Will it last? Who knows. He does know we are completely fed up with his old ways. We will support him if he does the right thing. If he makes the right choices we will be behind him all the way but if he messes up he is on his own.

Right now, he is trying to be really good so we will let him stay here until he can find a place to stay. As long as he behaves he is ok. So far things are going ok.

One thing Cory has going for him is a willingness to work hard. If he is working, he tends not go get into trouble. This job says they have a ton of work right now which translates into lots of overtime. That will keep him out of trouble.


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I hate to be a spoilsport here but I hope that you have your checkbook and valuables locked up tight.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes that he has seen the light.



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ya know ant is a very hard worker too. he loves to do roofing. he loves to wrok til he almost falls over from sweat and heat.
he loves to cook and eat a ton too.
he is 98 percent good, two percent totally outta control. the two percent is killing him


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Kathy...all valuables are locked up. I had checkbooks shredded when he forged the checks. My atm card doesnt work. I dont own anything else except my car and I keep the keys on me or in the safe I bought. My medications are in the safe. I put my purse in the safe at night.

I told him point blank that I had to do this because he CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

Sorry...its the truth. Maybe one day.

We arent fools. We arent going to allow him back here and leave the candy jar unattended.


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Glad he's working Janet. All work is honorable :angel:

Are there any used campers anywhere that he can rent/buy to live in on your property?


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Sunny...now that is an excellent idea.

Something we will have to look into. Im also looking into some small mobile homes for rent very close to this plant because he could walk or ride a bike to work and there is a grocery store within bike riding distance too. Without the possibility of a drivers license for quite a few years, he is going to have to either have a girlfriend that drives...or bike it.

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It sounds like Cory is certainly making progress. I really hope this sticks for him. Great news on the job. :thumb:



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YAY for Cory.....I think this is excellent progress. Wasn't it Cory that also apologized and took responsibility in jail recently for his actions? Which was also a first? I think he is really heading towards success. He might have a few set backs, but he is starting to get it.

I was a difficult child for about 5 years as a teenager, young adult......drugs, sex, rocknroll.....you know, total reckless abandonment. The one thing that segued me from that lifestyle towards success, was work. I loved to work, I gained esteem from work, and I always wanted to excel in the workplace. Over the course of a couple of years, I was able to finally steer my life away from destitution towards hapiness.........and later went on to be very successful in the corporate world. It seems as if, and let us hope and pray, that this is also Cory's story.


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Sounds like progress. I know I don't have to tell you this, but I will anyway, don't let your guard down for a minute. It's easy to fall right back into old habits once you get comfortable.

Glad things are looking up and I'm saying prayers that it continues.


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Nope...guard up. We support good choices and withdraw support when he makes bad ones. Lets hope this is what it takes to give him a shove in the right direction.


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I'm contorted right now with things crossed. :surprise:

I hope he does right and has learned some very hard life lessons. Keep us updated.



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You got my prayers for Cory for sure.
So happy to hear about this new job hope he stays with it and does well.

Hugs and care,


Great news! I hope it sticks. :flower: (we need a pretzel smiley...lol)

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Pardon my French but, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKIN MIND? :surprise:

I know it's hard to turn your own child away. I'm praying and keeping good thoughts that this will work out well for all.