Update on difficult child


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Hi all,

Well my son left this state 3 months ago and still seems to be doing ok! He is still with the new girlfriend and I think she might be good for him. They stayed with a friend for awhile but that eventually did not work out real well. He spent all of his inheritance from my dad....we gave it to him in pieces, but I do believe he used it for living expenses for the two of them. Since then they have moved into a room with a family for not a lot of money which is good.

We did end up by helping him out with some bills etc. I originally said I would not give him any more money but really I want him to make it and what he is asking for feels ok and reasonable to me. He was having a hard time getting a job but called the other day and has a job! I dont know how it will go but he sounded excited about it, and the girlfriend is starting a job as well.

So I know I really dont know how he is doing, but he sounds happier and better than he has been in a long time. I think it is a good sign that he and the girlfriend are still together and that has not blown up. So I am hoping that they make it somehow and I guess I am willing to help them do so at least for the moment.

So we shall see.



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TL, I think you are in a great place right now. Detached but loving. That is something that I haven't managed to do yet.



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Nothing is black and white. If you feel that helping him right now is the right thing, then it is the right thing. Will that change? Maybe. Would we do it for someone else? Probably not. These are our kids, and that changes things sometimes.

I hope things work out for him and for them. It is a journey.....not a race.


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No drama is good! We do what we feel is right to do at the time. If he is working and not getting into trouble that's very positive. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving TL.