update on dog and awful neighbors

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    The dog is doing better today. She actually stood up for about 10 seconds before easy child decided that she wanted to lie down again. We are having her sit outside twice a day for about 20 minutes to get some warmth and healing on her. The wounds still look awful but she is more alert and seems in less pain. Thanks for all the good thoughts.

    Sitting outside for longer than we usually do has let us observe the boys across the street. I have 4 sons, who range from 15 to 23, and often have friends of theirs here. We have a 22 year old recent college grad whose parents sold their house and moved 8 hours away, living with us as well.

    The boys across the street are 17 and 20. My kids have never really been friends with them. I have had a number of incidents over the years with the mother where we have called the police and various agencies on each other. The father is a lovely person but seems to have no influence. Two years ago, the mother came out as a lesbian and moved away. Things were pretty good till she and the dad switched houses a few months ago. She's blissfully happy with her new partner so I haven't had any dustups with her but her boys are monsters. They constantly leave beer cans on my side of the street, threaten guests of mine who park in their spaces (my sons' friend who's on the PD takes special pleasure in parking in front of their house) and offer to get beer for my boys. Only my oldest son and one of his friends are legally old enough to drink. Recently, we've noticed activity that we think is drug dealing. One or the other of the boys gets out of a car with a brown paper bag, puts it in the bushes, retrieves it when another car drives up, sits in the back seat for a few minutes and gets out without the bag. Over the weekend, 15 people observed one of these episodes when it took place in front of my open living room window while we sang happy birthday to easy child.

    I want to call the police and set up a sting. I live in a very good area and want to sell my house in a few years for value. I don't want drug deals going down across the street from me. H claims I am motivated by hatred of the mother. It's true I despise her but that shouldn't prevent me from reporting what appear to be actual crimes being committed by her sons. H says why ruin their lives more than their mother already has. The older boys, easy child included, say that the two brothers are well known drug dealers at the HS but that that knowledge has apparently not yet reached the authorities.

    I think I owe it to MY children to get these monsters off my street. Does anyone agree, disagree, think it's not my business? I should add that I'm a lawyer and feel very uncomfortable not reporting what I think is a serious crime.
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    if your son's friend is on the pd maybe he would want to get involved? where i live there is often retaliation against people who call the police, somehow the guilty seem to find out who called.

    hope this works out for you my friend has had a meth lab going next door for years; she reported it a couple times and it's caused her several issues doing so, just saying be careful.

    i'm so glad your little fur buddy is on the mend, my first response to that came off kind of cold; for that i apologize. think it had to do with your use of word suffering and this battle i've been in with my hand for 3 months. keep us updated and i hope she gets better soon.

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    It is plain sick to hurt a defenseless animal. Yuck, I didn't hear the original story, but am so sorry you are living near a bunch of crazies. Please be careful and hopefully the police will act on this.
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    Midwest -

    The neighbor boys didn't hurt my dog, I would have called the cops immediately. About the only good thing I can say about them is that they treat their own dog very well and I've never heard or seen them abusing animals. We found out my dog has cataracts when she walked into the fire pit, which had last been used 2 days earlier, and fell over. Her paws are burned and are on the mend.

    Nancy -

    I didn't take your response as cold. I used the word suffering because the poor dog was suffering. She had third degree burns on two paws and second degree on the other 2, plus her fur was singed on her side down to the skin. I hope that your arm is feeling better. I have bad arthritis and understand chronic pain.

    The friend on the PD is a 20 year old kid who's in a pre-training program. I don't want to get him involved. I'm not afraid of retaliation for myself. These kids aren't gangbangers, they're spoiled rotten rich kids with too much time and money on their hands. They are monsters of rudeness. I spoke to my neighbor, who is very close to the dad. She said she'd tell him that she's been hearing rumors around about the traffic at his home. She is like the mayor of our area. If it doesn't stop after that, I'll call the school safety officer, who I know from scouting. It feels better to have a plan.
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    sounds like a good plan, me its gonna take lots of time to heal both mentally and physically but i'm on the mend so it's all uphill from here