Update on friend's daughter who had brain surgery

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I saw Miranda and her mom tonight at our church Oktoberfest carnival. She looks really great. She said that this was her first week back at school since the surgery and things are going o.k. She said she was really frustrated the first few days because she didn't know a lot of stuff, but then her dad had a talk with her and now she feels better about it. :D

    She is such a sweet kid. Her mom was being her usual wack-o self having her show off her "buzz cut" and scar (which you can barely see). I told Miranda I thought her haircut looked really punk (the front is still long while the back is a bit less than 1/4" long) -- that made her smile. Her mom is known for dabbling in strange haircolors (sometimes has a pink streak in her very dark brown hair -- and once dyed Miranda's hair with blue streaks), so I told her to have her mom do leopard spots in the back where it's short (her mom loves animal prints). She started to giggle at that suggestion. :D

    Her mom said the only deficits she's had from the surgery is some trouble with her peripheral vision -- which is understandable based on where the surgery was done.

    Just wanted to let everyone know and say thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes!
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    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Oh, I'm so very glad for her. :D :D