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Hi here is an update on the soap opera of my life. It feels like my life is a soap opera.

husband quite his job. He had good reasons, but he could've waited until he had another job lined up. husband got another job. The employment agency said 'sorry that job isn't available' after husband had already filled out the papers. They did this for 3 jobs. Friday husband got another job (not with the employment agency). Its a great job that pays twice what I'd get teaching. I don't know if it offers insurance. husband forgot to ask. He is going to find out tomorrow.

David had a rough visitation weekend. Ex did something to him, but I CAN"T GET DAVID TO TALK!!!!! He'll talk about everything except ex. I don't even know how to describe my feelings. My son is being abused and I can't stop it and I can't get David to open up so I even know what happened. I want to take him and rock him like a little baby and make it all better. At the same time I'm frustrated. If he would talk it would start the process of freeing him from this monster that calls himself a man.

My grandmother is slowly dying. She is losing weight and is in constant pain. She broke her back in 4 places. Its not big breaks; its hair line fractures, but they are caused by things like breathing hard. I'm closer to her than I am to most of my family. I've never lost anyone I love before.

Pedophile brother wasn't arrested because of lack of evidence. My parents got him a lawyer and offered his wife and kids a place to stay. Brother and wife not only didn't thank my parents they are accusing my parents of favoritism towards grandkids and saying that the way my brother turned out is my parents fault. My poor mother is so upset she can't focus on anything. My brother was molested at age 4 by a neighbor kid. My parents didn't know.

These are the things going threw my head tonight. Its 1 am and I can't sleep yet.

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I'm sorry things are so rough. You do have a lot on your plate. I hope that David will open up to you. Sending hugs and prayers your way. :angel:

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You certainly do have more than enough on your plate right now. (((((hugs)))))

Do you think David would perhaps be more open to therapist about ex than to you? Might be you could give therapist a heads up before next visit. David might feel "safer" discussing ex with someone not emotionally involved. And therapist is mandated to report abuse of any type he/she feels is going on.

Please remember to take some time for you during all this chaos. I know that isn't easy to do. But you need and deserve it.

Saying prayers things begin to settle down for you soon. Hang in there.


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You need a break! That is more than any one person should have in their brains in a day.

I am so sorry you are having to deal with all of this.