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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by everywoman, Sep 19, 2008.

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    The letters from Jana this past week have been much better. She seems to be in a better place.

    She is scheduled to have an MRI on her knee on the 29th. She is to see the dr. again on the 1st. She is going to PT, doing what they tell her even though it hurts. I sent her knee brace but they won't let her wear with because it has a "label" on it. It was ordered specifically for her by her orthopedic doctor and would probably protect the knee from further damage.

    Her drill sergeant told her that he really wants to keep her because she has so much potential. She said she broke down and cried (and like her mom, she hates to cry in front of anyone) and told him about the harassment from one drill Sargent and some other recruits. He told her they were ignorant and to not worry about what anyone said. She is injured, she can't help that, and that she will get better and probably be their boss one day.

    They probably can't kick her out for Existing Prior to Service injury, because they let her in knowing that she had the injury and she was waivered by their doctors. She said something about LOD---I guess I'll research that some.

    I think the validation was good for her. She was feeling so let down by not being about to train and then having others say she was faking and just lazy and shouldn't be there was really getting to her.

    She knows now she will be staying a while---how long---who knows. But she asked me to send some GAIN---all the PX had was Tide and that breaks her out. She also wants shampoo and other stuff she bought but didn't take with her when she left.
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    Sorry she is still hurting. Sounds like she is in much better spirits though. Glad she got some validation. I am sure she will be very successful at anything she puts her mind to. Maybe those people who have harrassed her should remember she will be armed one day too!

    Sure sounds like a care package from Mom would do a lot of good!

    Send her hugs for me, tell her we board Aunties are proud of her!!
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    Sounds like she has a good drill sargeant and that can make or break you. She's one lucky girl. If her drill sargeant thinks she's got the right stuff enough to tell her so, she does. They aren't the type to hand out compliments just to make someone feel better.

    I'm glad Jana's in a better place these days. Saying prayers for her and that she's able to make her dreams come true.

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    I'm glad she is feeling in better spirits!
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    THAT'S OUR GIRL - from enlisting, to injury to RUNNING THE PLACE.


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    I'm so glad to hear she's in better spirits.