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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Woofens, Oct 20, 2008.

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    difficult child J has been in the psychiatric hospital for 6 days now. It's hard to believe. Bio-dad and his SO did show up for a visit with him Saturday... now I really wish they hadn't. I let bio-dad spend the entire hour and a half with difficult child, and his SO spent the first 45 minutes and I went in for the 2nd 45 minutes. Should have had them both leave at the 45 minute mark. When it was time for us to leave, difficult child got a little upset, but then Bio-dad got upset, and they fed off each other, until difficult child had to be restrained so that we could leave. Someone always has to hold him so that I can leave, but Saturday was the worst except for the night of his admission. I also know that he settles down almost immediately after we leave, but it is still so horrible that I have to leave to the sounds of his screams. Bio-dad said that he didn't think he could do that again (meaning visit difficult child at the psychiatric hospital). OMG I asked him if he thought that I enjoyed it?? He ticks me off so much sometimes.

    SO and I were able to visit difficult child for 2 hours Sunday. I knew that difficult child would want to spend more time with SO than me, because he hadn't seen SO since Tuesday. It was a good visit, all in all, a little crying when we left, but not as bad as Saturday.

    SO's daughter called Saturday evening, asked if they could come visit Sunday, and bring our granddaughter. We haven't seen them in almost 8 months, so we made arrangements for them to come down after visiting hours, and had a good evening here at home with them.

    Got a phone call from the school today, difficult child's IAT meeting is Thursday the 30th. This is to evaluate whether or not he needs Learning Disability (LD) testing, and/or measures put in place to help him at school. School has been a real struggle this year, and I really believe he has some learning disabilities. So that was another good thing :D

    Hopefully things are looking up now. At least we've started the processes.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Sorry Saturday was so rough but I'm glad yesterday went better and that you were able to enjoy a visit with your granddaughter!
  3. Andy

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    Yes, you have made a GREAT start. You are doing very well and so is difficult child. Stay strong! Make sure you are taking care of you also!
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    Oh dear, so sorry about that confrontation.

    I'm glad you've started the process, though. That's good to hear. It's always good to have a plan.

    Do you think your difficult child will come home this wk? We told ours that it was entirely up to him and his behavior. You can't just make up a date and tell him (I hope his bio dad doesn't do that. Sigh.)
    Best of luck.
  5. Woofens

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    We told difficult child that it was up to the doctor (psychiatrist) when he came home. The psychiatrist did call me yesterday, but I didn't get the message until almost 5 PM, since she didn't call me at home, she called my cell, and I don't have cell service here at home. I'm going to call her back this AM.

    Had a good phone conversation with difficult child last night. :)

    See my new post in WC for the latest here at home... sigh.... I'm so confused!

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    Jan, is the psychiatric hospital doing any testing? Have the psychiatrists come up with a working diagnosis? Are they going to start any medications?

    Glad you've had some good visits and phone calls with difficult child. Hang in there.
  7. Woofens

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    They did a psychiatric-evaluation. I had to go in last week and do something called a picture. Hopefully she is calling about a diagnosis and possible medication.
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    Jan-I'm a bit behind here but just wanted you to know that I'm glad things are going better. I will read the rest of your updates too.