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    I just wanted to let you all know that my daughter was found eligible for services, qualifying as ED.

    The eligibility meeting on Monday and everyone involved seemed to be in complete agreement. The only exception was the speech therapist who tried to say that she couldn't see how difficult child's cluttering would cause an educational impact. Everyone - the assistant prinicpal, reg ed teacher, intervention specialist, guidance counselor and school psychologist - jumped on that one explaining how difficult child doesn't participate in class because of her speech, etc. So that's covered, too.

    The Occupational Therapist (OT) at the school only works with motor skills but is directing me to people outside of the school for the sensory issues and also for an auditory processing evaluation (her son had auditory processing issues - nice to have someone "in the know" involved).

    The intervention specialist is going to draft an IEP and fax to me for my review before the next meeting. The only concern I have is that they seem to have their heads in the sand regarding difficult child's executive function issues, sensory issues - even though they've been observed by the assistant principal - and her definicies in the non-verbal areas. However, I will be sure to get those things addressed. I will be forwarding the draft to the therapist and neuropsychologist for their input as well.

    Thanks for all your help! I couldn't have done this so fast and so well without it!

    If you have any further advice on how the process has played so far, please feel free to share. I'll keep you posted.
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    Congratulations on getting her found eligible!!!!! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

    Make sure that the IEP is a DRAFT of their IDEAS. The IEP is not supposed to be written by one person before the meeting.

    They shoud be paying for any "outside resources" that they are directing you to.

    Keep it up! :warrior: :warrior: :warrior:

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    A question that has arisen as I've been reviewing the archives: Can the SD limit the IEP to the issues that they are citing to qualify difficult child for her IEP? In other words, they noted the severe anxiety, lack of interpersonal relationships, etc. Can they limit what is written into the IEP to only address those issues - the issues that qualified her under ED? My concern is that that won't address the other issues difficult child has to deal with.

    I'm so tired. Hope I'm making sense.
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    A FULL evaluation should have identified all areas of need, as in the example you gave of speech being necessary.

    The label is only a qualifier (and therefore necessary) but in no way should determine services.

    It is illegal to have predetermined OSFA programs. (One size fits all) as in, 'this is what we offer to our Learning Disability (LD) kids'

    You should develop a clear list of NEEDS that are impacting negatively on educational and social/emotional development. These should be the target IEP areas.

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    Really good news!!!!!