UUGGHH!!! difficult child hasn't worked in a week


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Pri-medication thought he may have broken someting in his hand, so they referred him to orthopedic surgeon.
The os said he was fine, just trama from the impact. He suggested to unwrap it and just keep the sutures covered so he could move it more to cut down on the swelling.

difficult child is milking it for all it's worth!! He didn't work at all last week. When he came in tonight I asked him if he was going to work tomorrow and he quickly said "no". I protested and said he had to call to see if there was something he could do other than hold a hammer.
He got upset with me, But I got more upset and he called.
His boss was at church and he will call him back.

I think they can tell when mom has had enough. He backed right down and went in his room, he usually has to have the last word.

I don't know about all difficult children, but mine certainly doesn't need anytime off to try to "find" something to do.

There are many things that need to be done around here (flower beds, painting, pasture mowing, etc.) don't think he has offered to help around the house ~ his hand hurts!
But it hasn't stopped him from running with his buddies!!!!