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  1. Hi everybody!

    Has anyone had to cut their vacation short because of the behaviors of your difficult child?

    I know we only planned for two nights at the hotel this year on vacation because last year we had three nights and it was just too much for our difficult child to bear! This year was much better. We were able to do everything we wanted to do with the kids as far as amusements go and he did rather well.

    I remember last year one incident was when my difficult child went with my husband to the coffee bar to get me a cup of coffee and my son wanted a bag of chips for breakfast from the kiosk and when my husband said "no but you can have a bagel "(which he likes) and my son just lost it. So my husband brought him back upstairs to the hotel room and left him with me while he got the coffee. Well, I was drying my hair and difficult child was beating the door to the hotel with his hands and feet and screaming at the top of his lungs. My husband runs back inside and says "Somebody's gonna call the police. He is screaming so loud, it sounds like someone is killing him." :) I am like "welcome to my world, hon! This is a daily occurrence for me." So we made him sit on the bed in time out until he stopped screaming. That way he could hit the pillows instead of the door. :) This was when my husband finally figures out there may be a problem. That vacation was an eye-opener for him. Yay!!! Now we are on the same page!!! :) :) :)
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    It's always a "woohoo" moment when the other parent finally sees what we have been going through all along!

    Butterfly, I tried to send you PM, but you do not have them enabled. Please, for the safety of yourself and your kids, remove your childrens' picture, as well as the link to your blog.

  3. I am trying to take off the link, big bad kitty, but I don't know how!
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    Butterfly, I went ahead and took out the link to your blog. :)

    FWIW, my husband slips in and out of denial about Duckie constantly. He had another Aha! moment when we were in Disney last week and she brought admissions to Epcot to a halt by breaking their card reading machine. Also, when she really enjoyed a water ride intended for much smaller kids. I think it takes him seeing her with other children for him to understand she's got some issues. :rolleyes:
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    One time we went camping, and L was about 8 years old. I asked her to wipe of the vinyl table cloth after dinner. There were some dead fruit flies on it. She shrieked bloody murder "No! No! No!" So I told her she had to go into the tent and stop calm down and stop screaming or we would have to go home. By that time it had gone on for about 10 minutes. She went in the tent and shrieked for another 20 minutes. You could hear her for miles. I just couldn't do that to other people on their vacations. I told her to stop or we would have to go home. More and louder, "No! I don't want to go home! No! No! Don't make me!" So, seven 0'clock Friday night we're breaking camp and heading home. As we are pulling the tent down, a Sheriff's patrol crawls by. L is in the car with the windows cracked and screeching at the top of her lungs she doesn't want to go home as we are taking down the tent. He sees that, speeds up to normal and moves on. I go up to the camp host and ask for our money back as we have to leave. She says "Sorry, no refunds." I say "That's our little girl who's been screaming for the last hour and we need to go home. We had our money back. Thank God we had two cars because I was so mad I couldn't even get in the car with her.

    At the time, she was doing a lot of physical picking on M, who was 4, and she lived with her dad. He always denied that it ever happened around him and it must be our fault. So, he wouldn't answer the phone that night but the next morning we made him come and get her. He sat there in our living room while we talked about her troubles and said he had to start taking her in hand and get her some help. Just as "If it happens here it's your fault because she's just not that way around me and my wife" is coming out of his mouth, M screams and runs out of their bedroom, where they had been told to play quietly while we talked. He had an egg on his forehead about the size of a ping pong ball, and L had a 1 x 3 wooden building block in her hand. D-ex grabbed L and left. We never heard that BS line again. In fact, when he was ready to give up on her when she was 12 and wanted dump her on us, it came out that she was doing the exact same stuff and worse to her half sister at home. Gouging with fingernails, ripping out hair, you name it. "No thanks D-ex. Your made the mess, you clean it up."