Video for IEP team

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Sheila, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Sheila

    Sheila Moderator

    A warrior mom's effort to introduce her son to the IEP team:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Danny IEP 2006[/ame]
  2. smallworld

    smallworld Moderator

    Wow! Very powerful.
  3. pepperidge

    pepperidge New Member

    thanks for sharing this. I am thinking about passing it on my school district's IEP team.
  4. tryinghard

    tryinghard New Member

    Wow, this brought me to tears...Every educator should have to view this.
  5. 4sumrzn

    4sumrzn New Member

    Thank you!
  6. Saigon

    Saigon erudite bum

    wow i am impressed with this video achievement and lucid message..please let me share my own on my proposed website i entered as an IDEA in crowdsourcing site in
  7. Sheila

    Sheila Moderator

    Hi Saigon and welcome

    I edited your post because it is outside the scope of the forum and is an advertisement. Please contact the site owner if you wish to advertise.
  8. Saigon

    Saigon erudite bum

    Ohh thanks , though i think it isnt a SPAM and i just want to share the video...honestly the proposed site hub idea havent take off... please check

    it would be nice if some visitors around here take a look and see how we could all collaborates on such idea i am proposing.

    Anyway glad to be around.
  9. Sheila

    Sheila Moderator

    If you have comments pertinent to IDEA to post or support for a parent to post, feel free to do so.

    However, As I explained previously, you'll have to clear this with-the site owner. Please don't post the link again until you have obtained permission.