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    Is very difficult for E. His vision is horrible. He has the hardest time doing the exercises. His gross motor skills are awful. So anything involving them is just so challenging for him. He can't walk backwards without falling over or stand on 1 foot at all. The therapist said that his left hand muscles are really bad. He can't do much with- his left hand. One of the exercises requires him to follow an object with his eyes without moving his head. He cannot do it. He actually started crying because he said his eyes hurt from trying. we have to do daily exercises for this therapy and some days it's so frustrating. He is willing to try to do them but he gets physically exhausted trying to complete them.
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    Jamieh... please see if you can't get him into a neuropsychologist or child developmental/behavioral evaluation team... for a comprehensive evaluation. It takes time to get in to these, but worth it.

    This is a complex kid with complex needs. The more you can understand about all the things he is dealing with, the better equipped you are to get him the help he needs.

    Starting school is when so many of these things show up. been there done that. It's taken us most of a dozen years to figure it all out... but some answers are easier to get now than 10 years ago!

    Pulling together pieces from several different threads, he has
    - difficulty with focus
    - lacking social skills
    - coordination problems
    - vision problems

    All of that can be part of Aspie, for example. Or he could be a complex set of dxes and not quite meet the diagnostic cut-offs for something on the spectrum.
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    I found one close to where we live. I will call tomorrow and see about an appointment. There is a lack of pediatric specialists in this area so I am surprised to find one so close.