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    Hi I am out visiting my son. So far it has been good. He is definitely fighting depression but seems like he is doing ok. I have helped by getting him some things and being here. I am seeing him everyday but not all day. To be honest I am enjoying some time alone without work or home responsibilities! I know my son is still drinking and probably smoking weed but he does not seem out of control. He is working and likes his job. We have been getting along and he is handling the moments of tension much more maturely than in the past. I have a couple more days before I go home.
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    I'm glad you have a chance to spend some time with him and see that he is doing ok. I think this is a step forward that he has handled the breakup as well as can be expected. Sounds like he is still moving forward. I know how important it is TL to see for yourself and feel like you can fortify him to keep moving forward.
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    Im glad things seem to be going well.