Vit D sticker shock!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. susiestar

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    The doctor called my scrip into a closer pharmacy to my husband's office. Part of the same chain, though each location is apparently individually owned. Last time they said only the farther away pharmacy could make the shots.

    It will be the same shot, just given weekly instead of monthly. Last time it was $90 for 3 shots. This time it is $200 for 4 shots. I won't be able to afford this more than 1 month. Just cannot. My ins will cover exactly NONE of it, though theoretically THEY provide it. I am not sure what we will do , but we will try it this one month.
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    Can you go thru the pharm co that produces the vit D? You know the discount drug programs the pharm co's have? I mean, all they can do is tell you no. But maybe they'll give you a discount since your insur isn't covering the cost so you can still have it since you really need it.

    Why isn't insur paying for it? Did they say?
  3. susiestar

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    Insurance says it is not a medication they cover. Well, they do cover it on paper, but not in reality because their "specialty pharmacy" can't make it.

    The pharmacy doesnt' have a discount plan. It has to be specially compounded, there isn't a company that makes the version of Vit D the doctor says I need in a shot form.

    I will try it for a month. If it makes a huge difference and I can stop 3 or 4 other medications, maybe I could keep it up. But that doesn't seem realistic.
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    This might seem like a dumb thought but does direct sunlight help at all? You probably addressed this in previous posts but I can't remember. I was just thinking that with Spring coming in a bit over a month maybe there will be more sunlight which could help?

    I know you can't take it orally.

    I hope that taking it this one month makes a huge difference and you won't need it again. I'm visualizing sunlight all around you. Hugs, ML
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    I get really sick with direct sunlight. We can't figure it out. My skin actually changes texture and HURTS, and I am sick to my stomach.

    but it is a great idea. I think maybe my body just wants to be an amoeba and have no bones. My brain thinks that is a bad idea.
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    Susie you are an amazing woman and I care about you so much! Please try to hold on to a positive thought and know you are loved.