Washing machine repair?????


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I am hoping somebody can tell me an easy/cheap fix for my washing machine. It seems that the seal at the bottom of the agitator is loose or something and when the clothes are spinning out it is slinging grease/oil onto the clothes. It has ruined several shirts of the precious few new things I was able to get difficult child to start school this year. I have tried everything to get the spots off her clothes to no avail either, so if anybody has any suggestions I haven't tried I can use that help too. I have tried: spray and wash, shout, oxi clean, and dawn to try to get the spots off.

I can't afford to replace her clothes, and I certainly can't afford to replace the washing machine. Heck, I can't even afford to go to the laundromat to wash instead of using my machine, but I guess that is what I will have to do for now.

If somebody knows of an inexpensive, self-help way to fix my washing machine, please let me know. Thanks!!



Ms. Mouse,

Do you have a skill that you can use to barter with a local trades person, either to get the machine fixed or replaced?


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Look in the auto care section of your local Walmart and find something in there for grease. We've used "Tough Stuff" before and it worked great, but I'm sure there are other products too specifically for grease. Tough Stuff is in the auto cleaning area if you want to try it.


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Have you tried adding Lestoil to the wash? That's what we've always used with NF's greasy clothing. However, if you already put the clothing in the drier, you may have "set" the stain and made it impossible to remove.


If ASO's suggestion doesn't work, try making a paste with powder Clorox 2 (color safe bleach) and applying it with a toothbrush, really working it into the material.

I am not mechanical at all. You may look or post on your local freecycle. You never know.

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Go to the chaotic home website. Go to the laundry room section. You might be able to figure out what to do next from there. It's a wonderful site. (It's how I found this site, actually!)



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Thanks everybody for responding. I finally got enough of the grease out of the two t-shirts that were school clothes that you can hardly see it. Of course the yellow one isn't quite as bright a yellow as it was when I started, but it is wearable now.

I have no trade to barter with, but don't believe in this small little town there is such a thing as trading services anyway.

I will look on freecycle as I do believe we have a branch of that nearby if not in the same town. However, unless it is truly free and they would deliver as well, that won't be an option. I don't have a pickup or the strength to load or unload a machine.

We don't have craigslist in this area that I am aware of. I pretty much needed a really cheap way I could fix the machine myself...I mean we are talking about really cheap. As it is I am trying to figure out how to feed us until the food stamps come in next Saturday so there really is no money for replacing anything.

I appreciate everybody's help. I will look into the chaotic home thing as that definately sounds like something I need. LOL




When it comes to batertering with a skill, recognize that everyone has 'em!

For instance, babysitting, dog walking, cooking, tutoring, mowing a lawn, home companion.

Think strength-based!


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Geeze, Mistmouse, I was in the same boat last week. I tried freecycle and had no luck let alone a truck to haul a machine even if I had found one or even the money to call out anybody to look at it. Mine was leaking water from underneath, It started as a slow leak to major. I basically troubleshooted what the causes could be and took the cover off and saw that the Direct Drive Pump had a crack in it, I purchased the part from a local applianve repair store for $40.00, Popped in on and walla (Only took a minute). My machine works even better then it did before. Geeze it took longer just to get the darn casing back onto the frame. Yikes.... Anyway Here is where I read some during my troubleshooting. I looked for ya and I'll copy paste what I did find but will look more. If I find anything else i'll post it for ya.

AppliancePartsPros.com I went to the forum to read posts about various washing machine issues but did not buy the part from this site.

Here is what I read:

I've got an oil leak under the washing machine. Washer works fine. I believe this is a direct drive model. Never been in a washer before, but am a DIYer and ready to give it a try. From what I've read so far, could be coupler or transmission seal. What's best guess and how would I tell. I haven't tore it apart yet.

First thing to do it take it apart and check.
If the oil is leaking on top of the transmission then it will get oil in the clutch and will start to cause problems with it spinning.

If the oil leak is from the side of the transmission were the coupler is then it could drip oil there for a long time before the washer ever starts acting up.

To repair any leak you will have to replace the transmission.

This video guide will show you how to get the washer apart.

Re:by the way, that is a direct drive washer made by whirlpool for sears.

What is an appropriate oil to replace whirlpool transmission oil? I found the plastic gear shredded inside the transmission and the oil is ten years old as well, probably time to replace it.

Re: Specific Model #s were posted back to the post above and I have no clue what machine or model # that you have. Just wanted to post this so that you can see that it might be the plastic gear.


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Thanks mom-in-training...I am glad you were able to fix your washer as it is most incovenient to be without a way to do laundry.

The problem with my washer seems to be something regarding the seal or something underneath the agitator. This is then causing it to "throw" grease or oil onto the clothes during the spin cycle. Does this sound like the oil it is talking about underneath the washer? I am just no good at this type of thing. From what you posted it sounds difficult as well as maybe expensive since it says to fix any leak I would have to replace the transmission. I don't know about on washers, but on cars that can sometimes be more expensive than replacing the car.

I appreciate everybodys help, but I guess I will have to muddle through without a washer for now and hope at some time in the future something happens so I can afford a different one. I can wash by hand I suppose and then I do still have my dryer to use.



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I'll keep looking for ya, I too noticed the fix any leak. Well I don't necessarily think that means to replace a good part, Only the defective parts. In your case it could just be a gasket. I'll see what more that I can find. I recall seeing a post or something somewhere describing the same thing you have going on with your machine. As soon as I find it (Hopefully I do) I'll post it. It seems much harder then it really is but in my case I just troubleshoot it and dive in. Lol!! I guess you can say its the desperation of having my machine up and running knowing that I cannot afford a repairman or a new washer. The only thing I will not touch so far is elecrical, That scares the bejeebers outa me Lol! But have put in a new stainless kitchen sink,Garbage disposal, Regrouted my ceramic shower walls that turned out awesome,Geeze that saved me probably $400.00-$500.00. Garage door opener, Painted whole interior of house repairing any small areas as I went, Put in new toilets. I have my son that is severely disabled and ummmm I don't use baby wipes on-em anymore so yea I need a functioning washer because I do need to keep up with the washcloths so that I always have clean ones on hand on hand. Not to sure if I will go this far but my van is in need of new rear brakes Hmmmmm, Its tempting but i'm not so sure if i'll do it myself. I know the front ones you have to bleed to get the air out of the lines but the back ones do not require that, So it seems pretty easy, Its just replacing the old part the same way that the other was placed. Lol!! Ladys not so sure that I will go there but I'll let you know if I do. Lol!!


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mom_in_training, thanks so much for continuing to try to find a solution to my problem. I am not real good at working on things, but if it sounds like something I am capable of (like replacing a gasket) then my desperation may make me attempt it as well.

The brand is GE and the model # is WHDSR209D5WW. Maybe between the two of us we can get my washer up and working correctly again. Thanks.



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May be a silly question, but do you have the instruction manual? It may show parts and give you an idea if there is a gasket in that area before you have to take anything apart????

If you don't have it can you google GE washers and get it in a PDF file??

I know it's frustrating when you don't have a working washer!!!


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Mistmouse these stains on your clothing,If your seal kit were leaking, the gunk that it emits is pretty noticeable. Almost like a black grease. If your spots are the same color just darker, could very well be liquid detergent stains.If you had a boot seal issue, you would know it pretty quick on your white or light colors. No hiding those smudges. I read another post for troubleshooting about stains (Greasy) being caused from the build-up of softener inside the tub near the seal too. I am still looking for ya. I found a step by step guide on how to replace the gasket but will try and simplify it for ya, It even seems a lil overwhelming to me. Lol!! Do you see any oil under the washer or just in the tub while its on spin cycle?


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Just sent you a PM with a contact # for any questions you may have etc.... :) I think its the transmission. From all that I have read today, You can replace the seal but if the transmission is faulty then your machine won't last long. Check out the PM i sent to ya.


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Hey! Sorry I'm so behind in reading:

I checked with my husband (he does it all!!). He said that it's the lower seal.

You will have to remove the agitator and clean it out because there's going to be grease in it.

Next you'll have to replace the seal. He said the seal would probably run about $25.00. He recommends that you have a repairman come to replace it because they have a seal press that would have it sit properly (he said the guy would problem. run about $50 bucks to do the work - He said the Maytag guys are really reliable around here). He said that if he was doing it, (he doesn't have a seal press) he'd just very, slowly and carefully tap it in with a hammer.

You could check in your local paper for "handyman" ads and call them and see if any of them repair machines. A lot of the time those guys are police and firemen that do work on the side and might not run too high.

Hope this helps!