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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Mar 20, 2007.

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    kt & I went to our attachment therapist appointment this afternoon. kt was quite anxious, stressed & was running a mile a minute.

    therapist asked me, on a scale of 1 to 10 anxiety wise, where would I place kt. Ummmmmm, 17.5 :rofl:

    therapist used EMDR this afternoon while working with kt on self calming ideas. He used the EMDR machine the entire hour of therapy. I watched her slowly calm; listened to kt open up & share different ideas - even opened up about some of her dissociative episodes.

    At one point, therapist got out another EMDR machine & placed me on it because listening to kt share some of this stuff was agitating for me.

    Having said that, kt leveled out to around 4 on our "anxiety scale" by the time we left the office.

    therapist decided that we'll be using EMDR for the next several appointments & watch reaction there in the office & the aftermath at home.

    I must say kt is a great deal calmer this evening. :smile:
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    I'm glad to hear the EMDR helped. From a 17.5 to a 4 is pretty good. I hope it lasts a good long while.
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    What is it? Sounds like something we should all use!
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    Yeah, Linda, what's that?? Share, please?
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    EMDR helped my difficult child years ago with PTSD. It really is amazing. Except our practitioner didn't use a machine, she used her two fingers in front of difficult child's face. She also used it on me and it was helpful as well. This practitioner retired and I wish she was still around because she was awesome.

    I'm glad the EMDR helped kt (and you). That's just the best news.