We are on the back nine


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Today difficult child started her junior year of high school. I told my husband this morning that we were now on the back nine, only two more years of struggling over school issues.

I've been trying to tell my difficult child that these next two years will fly by and she had better start thinking about her future. Of course all she thinks about is what she's going to do the next weekend. I do worry about her future as she seems to have no ambition.

I'm hoping for a smooth year but school work is never smooth with her. The best I can hope for is that she stays with her good friends and makes good choices.

Her flag team has been hard at work and the first football game is this Friday. That is the best activity difficult child could have ever gotten involved with. They have been practicing all summer and the girls are really nice.



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What a nice post. It sure has been the ride, hasn't it? I'm so glad she is involved in positive activities and is enjoying them. You never know - she might surprise you with school work this year (one can always hope).

Had to laugh about her not thinking about the future. We need to get her and thank you together - he is so totally focused on the future, post high school, that he's simply oblivious most of the time to what he needs to be doing right *now*!! Between the two of them, they might be able to handle the present *and* the future. :wink:


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I am right there with you!!!

Glad to hear difficult child is involved in the flag team still. Fingers crossed it continues!


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glad that she has made some good friends on the flag team. She's been making some good choices and I hope it continues.

I told easy child the other day (she is entering her junior year in two weeks) that this is the year colleges look at (no pressure here!), especially if she wants to apply early somewhere this summer. It's hard to imagine the years floating by so quickly!

I bet she has a ball this weekend at her first game!



My difficult children junior year was a turnaround year for her. Stay hopeful. You are right to hope that she stays with her "good" friends. One of the most important items in my difficult child's transformation was changing her circle of friends.

When her companions started talking about senior picnics, proms and college plans, she wanted to join in too. I'll never forget her coming home from a school activity and saying "I want to go to college." It was too late to get her grades and credits up to attend a 4-year university, but she's in community college and hopes to transfer.

Sounds like things are on the right track. Stay in the moment and enjoy.

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I'm glad she has stayed involved with the Flag Team-sounds like it has been such a positive influence.


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Nice to hear that she is still in school, and on the flag team. Just tell yourself daily...two more years...Two more years!!!



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TLR, you are so right. I am so happy that she is still in school and somewhat doing well. I use to have much higher expectations but you understand at this point we are thrilled she is still in school.

Sadly she isn't taking any challenging classes so she has found herself in class with a lot of the kids we worked so hard to get her away from two years ago. This year will be a real test to see if she is really commited to making good choices. My initial reaction when I realized the direction her schedule was taking her was to try to convince her to change some of her courses to more challenging ones, but then I had to weigh the benefits and I'm afraid she would just fail since she has made it clear that she will not put effort into getting good grades. In the end it's her decision and this year will be a difficult one sitting back and letting her find her own way.

The best we can do at this point is encourage her positive activities and friends and hope she finds some interest that she wants to pursue after high school.



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Well, Nancy, hopefully with all the positive changes that she's made, and she's earned alot of stuff back, she will stay on the right road.

I'm right with you, with difficult child 2, going into high school as a junior. Some of his friends, I think, "boy I wish you'd hang out with him all the time" and some, I think, "OMG you CANNOT talk to him EVER". What am I gonna do?

I hope she makes it through successfully. All you can do is hold on tight, close your eyes, and pray for the best. I'll pray with ya.