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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mrscatinthehat, Dec 20, 2007.

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    to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) Christmas party for difficult child 2. I went and got him some pj pants and a shirt and new socks and underwear. I forgot to get him some slippers but will do that later on. I had told myself to just do the party and not think of last night, tommorow nothing of that sort. Just be there for those 2 hours. After we had been there about 10 minutes he started asking when we are going to leave. I let it go for about an hour and a half. Then I asked him if he wanted us there. He said yeah and for the last bit we were there he stopped asking.

    We had a pretty good time. Not sure how he felt about the gifts (one never knows). He said he wanted a Wii. I said he couldn't have one there so we just wouldn't do that at this time. He let that go too. I was impressed.

    He still doesn't know that he is coming home on the 26th for a couple hours. That is going to remain a surprise. Not based on behavior either as it is the rest of his Christmas present. The one essentially from all of us (parents, staff etc). I am terrified of that day but like this one we will take it in stride and move on from there.

    I chalk this up to one of the better Christmas moments with him.

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    I'm glad the visit went well. I remember when my difficult child was in the psychiatric hospital. He was always asking us if we were going to leave. I think it's great he stopped asking after you said something about it.

    Will be keeping you in my thoughts on the 26th. Hope all goes well. Hugs.
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    I hope you don't mind me asking....how does the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) work for your child? He doesn't get to be at home at all?
  4. mrscatinthehat

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    In his case at this time no. There are a lot of factors but what it boils down to he is not safe to have home.

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    I'm glad that it went well! that's great news...one day at a time!

    Here's to a great day on the 26th!
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    I'm glad it was decent, safe visit. Hope the 26th goes as well.

    That he didn't keep pushing is pretty impressive. It sounds like he is learning something and growing a bit.
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    So glad to hear that the visit went well....I so understand the "too unsafe to be home" statement. It fits wm to a tee.

    Your attitude is beautiful - one day at a time. You can't predict the future & can't undo the past. Keeping you in my thoughts for the 26th. by the way, that's our day to have the tdocs serve us lunch & we open our gifts as a family. It will only be a couple of hours as well.

    Sound familiar? :wink:

    Thanks for the positive update.