weather woes


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<span style="color: #003300">OK..........really! I cannot take this rain one more day! It has rained for 6 weeks now! And not just drizzling, but flooding, torrential, downpours! I am about to lose it!
The meteorologist predicted no rain for this week - guess what? It rained all day today. My power was out, the streets flooded, again! And once again, I am holed up with an irritable, raging, difficult child! Blah! :cry:

I know there are not too many from Texas - but I know that others are having weather woes in other parts of the US. Care to chime in? </span>

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Sorry you are having all that rain. Keeping a difficult child indoors all the time is not an easy task. I hope the rain stops soon!

Here there really isn't much to complain about. Today is really hot for our area-the mid 90s and very humid-usually weather reserved for August /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif It's supposed to cool down by tomorrow-rain and mid 80s.


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I'm just loving the rain too! Fortunately we're getting away for just a few days. The drive will stink, its long, but hopefully it will be dry enough there to enjoy the beach.

I hope it drys up here soon so you can get some peace!


I have been thinking of all those on board from the area's where the rain and flooding is happening. I am so sorry. It must be absolutely miserable. You would think it has to stop soon doesn't it??

Doing the "no-rain" dance for you. :princess:


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It has rained here everyday for about 10 days - but NOTHING like you have been seeing. I am adding my very awkward steps to Kjs's no-rain dance for you.


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Here in Alabama we have been surrounded by a forcefield or something. We finally got almost 1 inch over the weekend.

It is not good, no pasture, no hay. Everyone is scrambling to find hay for the winter because we have had to feed hay all year.

Alot of our hay comes from the west which ,as you shared is flooded, so we are having a bad shortage.

In normal conditions we paid 4.50 a bale for grass hay at a local field, we have paid up to 31.00 a bale for alfalfa shipped in from nebraska this year.

Marcie Mac

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Jeeze, rain sounds good - we have been absolutely "frying" out here - only saving grace is that it is cool at night.

I have no air conditing in the house, so have been spending a LOT of time in the office LOL

Oh good grief, Marcie! No A/C! You poor thing!!

I've been sending out prayers to the flood victims, too...and those of you in the SouthWest who are in that horrendous heat wave. It's only in the 90s here and I am ready to pass out!

Hang in there, all of you. Prayers being sent your way.


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Hearthope-I assume you live on a farm? Do you have horses? I wanna come live with you!

Marcie-No A/C? I don't know how you do it! I hope it cools off soon for you!


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Whew....I agree.......the whole US is weather wacko! I am so used to having the heat, that I miss it! I know, crazy! But I know that without AC I would die. My sis lives in Oregon, and she did not have AC forever, because for the most part they never need it up there. But not this year!

Today, despite the rain, I dragged difficult child to the park for a hike. It was so humid, and hot, I really expected to look around and see an Anaconda or a Macaw - surely we were in the rain forest???? :grin:
Every tree was dripping with rain, and the small creek that trickles through parts of Dallas was roaring like a river. Literally we could have gone rafting on it ( and ended up god only know where) - but difficult child was tempted. (Unfortunately this is also the creek where 2 kiddos recently drowned in the midst of a flash flood.) least today we got out. My yard is still standing in water, and letting the dogs out to go potty involves them swimming :laugh:
But we will adapt - I think.
I can only hope the rain and heat wave stops soon - for all of us.

Marcie Mac

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I usually don't mind the lack of air - doesn't bother me cause I am in the office all day (where I can crank it up as high as I like) and by the time I get home, its cooled down.

If I had air at home, am sure neither one of the boys would ever leave the house again, not to mention I would probably have to sell one of them to pay the electric bill.

But I see rain is in the forcast tonight so that should be a nice break from the heat..