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  1. Jena

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    anyone in my neck of the woods?? bunny are you??

    i dont' think my flights going to be going out on wednesday early. i just checked the weather and it sounds like it's going to be insane out there. this storm is covering alot of states.

    im doubting my flight will be going out on time....

    anyone know more?? :)

  2. HaoZi

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  3. Lothlorien

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    As of right now, we barely had a dusting, but I'm in central NJ. NY got a little more than we did. It's not over yet, I think we're getting a little more later, but not much. The stuff that's in the mid west today is supposed to get us later in the week.
  4. muttmeister

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    Well, I don't live near you but according to what I've seen, what we're having is coming your way and it isn't pretty. I always watch the weather for LI as I have relatives there.) Right now we're having a blizzard. Not a lot of snow so far but cold and 40 mph winds so the wind chill is about 40 below 0. It's supposed to continue all day today and into tomorrow so I don't know how soon it will get to you but they're definitely saying that it will eventually.
    No offense but I'll be glad to send it on to somebody else.:congratualtions:
  5. Hound dog

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    Seems they can't make up their minds about us. We already had some freezing rain last evidently decided to come early. Nearly broke my neck taking the dogs out cuz the sidewalk just look wet but had a thin sheen of ice on it. Didn't fall thank goodness but was surprised as we weren't due to get anything until this evening.

    Last time I checked............we're supposed to get quite a bit of freezing rain and very high winds. Maybe snow after........but that depends on how the storm decides to track. (doesn't it always? lol) Dayton, where Nichole is, is supposed to get worse than we will.

    Personally it can just miss us completely and I'd be thrilled. blah So sick of this crud.

    husband has gone out to clear off the car and dash to the store now that the temp his risen and the ice from last night is melting. We need batteries for flashlights and the lantern. I'm watching the grandsons over the next 3 days and would rather not use candles with Brandon running around.

    We've lost power 3 times this morning already. omg And it's not even looking bad outside. Does not look promising for later. I worry about easy child driving home right in the middle of when the nasty part is due to hit us. ugh
  6. busywend

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    Ours starts tonight for 24 hours of almost 2 feet of snow and high winds. Expecting power outages and the like. Bringing my work laptop home tonight and will work from there (if I have power).

    Stay safe all!
  7. Nancy

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    The first wave came through last night with driving snow and whiteout conditions at 3am. How do I know you ask? Well I was out driving in it picking difficult child from some jerk guys house that she went to after school at 5pm. The only vehicles on the road were police cars, snow plows and me. It took me an hour an a half to get her and get back home. I almost wiped out several times and the only thing that saved me was the fact that noone else was on the road.

    The second wave is suppose to arrive around 5:30pm today. They still aren't sure if it will be snow or ice, either way will be horrible. And I have to drive difficult child to work at 5:30 and pick her up at 10pm.

  8. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    OH wow Nancy!!!

    Could difficult child possibly skip work? Maybe the place will have some sense and cancel.

    Ours is supposed to hit around 5ish or so too. They still haven't made up their minds what we're supposed to get other than the ice and winds thus far, of course we're southern ohio too. But I hate it when they do that because everytime this winter they've done that we've been hit hard, even when we weren't supposed to get it at all. ugh
  9. HaoZi

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    Nancy, if conditions are that bad, will her work even be open?
    We had a lull earlier but the ice is starting to come down now. People are saying if it's as forecast kiddo's school will be closed the rest of the week (a lot of the district is out on country roads that get plowed last). Stores are out of milk, eggs, other common staples. Luckily I tend to stock up (maybe too much) when there are sales, so we have plenty of food. Holdover from always having to be prepared for hurricanes, I guess, and a habit that moving north hasn't loosened me of.
  10. Suz

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    OMG Nancy, how scary! :wildone:

    We had about an inch of snow overnight and then freezing rain this morning. I'm at work but I'll be leaving early and will participate in a meeting via conference call from my kitchen! I'm also taking work home tonight....they are predicting a slab of ice and power outages overnight and into tomorrow and if that happens I will not be venturing out.

    Be careful everyone!

  11. Nancy

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    Hound dog, my sister in law is a school bus driver in Columbus and this has been a horrible winter for them. It use to be that southern Ohio got spared the worst of it, but not this year.

    HaoZi I don't think they will close unless the city makes them. It's a young girls clothing brand name store in the mall and unless the mall closes it will be open. I am praying the police close it.

    I drove my easy child to work this morning. She's a teacher and they closed all the schools except the Cleveland City Schools, which she works for. They never close them because most of the kids are on free breakfast and lunch and for many it's the only meals they get. So I'm picking her up after school too before I take easy child to work. Yikes!

  12. Nancy

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    I just got home from picking her up. They didn't have to stay to clean so she got out at 9:30. We are getting freezing rain and the roads are horrible. I drove 15 mph all the way. I'm really hoping they close the schools so easy child and difficult child can stay home.

  13. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Oh, my I hope they close the school too!

    So far we're just getting rain, 20 miles north of us is ice. easy child once she got out of the town her hospital is in.........and got into our county was ok. I hope we continue to just get rain. I don't look forward to dealing with an ice storm like we had the year we bought the house. ugh
  14. HaoZi

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    20 miles north of us is getting snow, we're getting a lot of ice/sleet whatever mixed with some snow. A whole lot of wind, pretty noisy.
  15. TeDo

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    Sounds like you all are getting versions of what we just finished with. Heavy snow started Sunday afternoon and didn't finish until about 10:00 this morning. Got over 12 inches. Haven't had school yet this week. The winds (25-35 mph) started late this afternoon and snow is blowing all over. Schools so far are running late tomorrow morning because the winds are SUPPOSED to stop just after dawn. That and wind chills are 35-45 BELOW zero. Actual temps around -5 with a high tomorrow at 0. Guess we will see.

    Be safe everyone! I haven't met any of you and I worry like an old mother hen about my "family".

  16. Jena

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    i've been checking weather yet it changes. thanks guys. my second flight from utah cancelled today in the afternoon. than i called the airline and they said get this my flight for tmrw. cancelled today, yet tomorrow it will be clear. ?? HUH>>>///

    something tells me the possiblity for me getting stuck in utah overnight is umm fairly good. so i will c what happens. literally took all day long to pack, clean our room here, clean rental car, get gum off carpet here from difficult child, than outta car difficult child again. she's such a slob.

    i had to throw out old sneakers and old boots because i simply can't fit them. we're going back checking 1 huge suitcase, her school books i hope they'll check, 2 plastic bags full of toys from the hospital. bizarre stuff
  17. DammitJanet

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    Hope everyone stays safe. I am thankful that our snow seems to be over for the year but one never does know. We are getting really bad wind and raid tonight. Its blowing hard right now with a bit of lightening just to add a bit of excitement. Shook my trailer so bad it woke me up! However its supposed to be almost 70 tomorrow but then its gonna drop down to low 40s on Thursday...sheesh...make up its mind! I hope the weekend is pretty so Keyana can play outside some.
  18. slsh

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    Jena - I'm not sure I'd travel today if you can avoid it. I would guess that it will be a really long trek, with a ton of cancellations. I know that O'Hare, which is the hub for 2 major airlines (I think American and United - but not sure on that), has already canceled 1300 flights for today, and they're estimating they are not going to get moving until this afternoon (which I think may be wishful thinking if the winds keep up).

    All I can say is it has been an interesting 12 hours or so, LOL. We were apparently here for the blizzard in '99 - I blissfully don't remember it. I don't think I'll forget this one!! Thus far we've kept power (knock wood). husband got generator ready and got extra gas yesterday morning, just in case. We had thundersnow last night, which was really pretty cool. It's impossible to tell how much snow we actually got because of the drifts. My house faces east and we have about a 10" pile of snow in front of the front door. The back door??? I'm guessing at least a 3-foot drift all over our back porch - . I jokingly told husband yesterday we were going to have to toss the dog out back this morning - actually, I'm afraid she'd just disappear!! I think they said Midway got 16" so far - it's still coming down.

    Our county just closed all roads. Closed all roads? I've never been anywhere where that's happened. husband works at a refinery and they announced before he left early yesterday that nonessential personnel were to stay home today. That hasn't happened in the 13 years we've been here. Kids obviously are not in school - only our village's public schools I think 4th or 5th snow day in 13 years. In one county, local TV station was trying to travel to get pictures - they were stopped and told in that county if they were on the road., they had to have a police escort.

    Some people got stuck on Lake Shore Drive after it sounds like a bus slid, and they spent the *entire* night out there. They had pics of Chicago Fire Dept on snowmobiles finally pulling folks out of their cars early this a.m.

    I hope all you guys are safe and warm. It's certainly been an interesting storm!

    The good news? Not a chance a groundhog in IL will see it's shadow, so that must mean winter is over, LOL!!
  19. HaoZi

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    Jena, can you box her books and toys? As long as there's books in there you should be able to ship those home at book rate from the post office, be a lot less than the "extra bag" or "over weight" fee the airline will tack on.