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    Well, husband and I went with his Rotary group to a little agricultural town for a weekend getaway this weekend. Population 558. We've been there this same weekend for the past 3 years. They have a sweet little bed and breakfast which we take over, and they take such good care of us. We've had a band play at the tavern across the street, where we meet up on Friday nights and some friends who play in a band come to play rock and roll. I swear, that place holds about 400 people, and I have no clue where they all come from! They're not all from Dufur, I'll tell you that! Plus, this last weekend was homecoming Friday night and the Homecoming parade Saturday, so it was packed with locals too.

    We get there Friday night, have a few glasses of wine and some hors deouvres, head across the street to the bar, and one of the Rotarians comes in and says "How much has Gloria (aged 80) had to drink?" One glass of wine. "Well then she's had a stroke because she's falling over out front and can't talk." :surprise:

    So, we got an aspirin down Gloria to the hospital in the next town over. (FYI - If someone is having a stroke or heart attack and they need to take an aspirin - CHEW IT!) Thank goodness the ambulance was at the homecoming game 2 blocks away! Then Gloria was lifeflighted to our big town by helicopter. We were so lucky. This was actually a slow bleed that had been going for some time and we caught it right away. They called it an intra-axial hemorrhage. She's still in the hospital here in town, and will have some cauterization done today or tomorrow. She may have some dead tissue removed at that time as well. She is actually walking and talking but having some blood pressure issues. But she was so lucky that she was with us rather than alone this weekend when it happened. She kept trying to tell us that nothing had happened and she was awake the whole time, but honey, she was passed out.

    I had gone with a friend in the car behind the ambulance, and the girl who is Gloria's very close friend went in the ambulance with her. We told them she was Gloria's daughter. Thank goodness - she knew all of Gloria's medical history! So, about 11PM, we get back to the bar - they're awfully quick in those small town hospitals! The Dufur locals are in full swing by then. I actually got hit on by this guy acting as wing-man for his friend at the bar. The way I figured it, being as I was the only girl in their who was skinny, sober, and had all of my own teeth, (my rotarian friends were NOT sober!) and I was probably the only girl who hadn't told him "no" yet that evening, he zoomed right in on me. :tongue: I told him he'd have to go talk to my husband.

    Other than that, it was a fairly quiet weekend, but we are all tired. I will talk to Gloria today to follow up with her. My word to the wise this week is to keep some plain old aspirin in your purse, for you or for whomever might need it. And if you need it, CHEW IT! It could save your life.
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    I thought the stroke line was a joke! omg.

    I'm glad you caught it early and got her help and the weekend still turned out good.

    Hope you enjoyed it.
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    You sexy mama, Witz! Sounds like you had a good time despite the excitement with your friend! Good thing she was with you! I think I just may carry aspirin with me from now on!
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    I'm glad you were there to get Gloria an aspirin and some 911. My word I can't believe the stuff that goes on around us even when we are trying to have a RELAXING time. I hope Gloria makes a full and speedy recovery. I don't think 80 is that old old any more. Know what I mean??

    As far as being hit on? You're a tiger! Mrrrrrwow! But...uh ....wait a minute - didn't you say you had HAD 3 or 4 glasses of wine...and you were SOBER? :surprise: WOW Witz - you're my hero. I wanna party with you pilgrim!

    :tongue: You little minx you. :youarehot::you_go_girl:
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    Glad you had a good weekend Witz. It sounds like it was eventful!!! Glad you're home safe and sound.
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    Well, honestly, the stroke thing was pretty sobering. I spoke with her today, and the bleed that showed in the CAT scan was an old one and she didn't have a stroke this weekend. She says that the doctor wasn't sure what happened, but she may just not be sharing. I'll tell you though, she was seriously passing out momentarily and regaining consciousness minute to minute. Something was going on, hopefully it's something that they will identify and take care of right away.

    Once I got back to the bar, I caught up to the rest of my friends quite quickly. Have you ever heard of a Tarantula Tequila? Yum. Good shots!