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    Hello sharonj,

    I noticed your post in Vicki's thread and wanted to take a moment to say welcome.

    You've found a very supportive group here, with lots of wisdom and experience to share.

    When you're ready, please tell us your story.


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    Add another welcome and, me being me, some advice.

    I think you'd have a very good chance of being able to keep your grandchild if you could guaranty your daughter would not have access to the baby. Check with an attorney (most have the first 30 minutes being a free consultation) or call from a pay phone to CPS to find out what you need to do get custody. Whenever possible, children are placed with family members and you already have a good track record of taking care of the baby.

    Good luck and many prayers that your daughter grows up and becomes the mother she needs to be.
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    Welcome to the group!