Well... if he keeps screamiing bloody murder "police" out his window....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Confused, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Confused

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    They will be here again!!!! I cant do this anymore... Im so out of ideas. appointment not until 2 weeks ... he throws himself into things and on the floor and blames us/his sis/the neighbors kids :(
    He tells us shutup.. if we tell him timeout for that he screams bloody murder SHUTUP!!!!! Refuses to get ready or finish something until the house is silent!!! If he hears us walk it makes him mad and he hasnt always been this way on the silence issue but I actually threw a lot of papers out that I wrote details when it was happening but because after that Pscy whatever said it was us I gave up at that point. I am starting to write it all down again but sooo much happens so fast I cant even think - cant sleep good- cant work cuz Id be fired for not showing up or showing up late all the time because of my sons issues. I cant remember much anymore... stress eater so not losing any weight. My thoughts on the future makes me believe that it will never change or that a magical fairyland with a happy ever after will just pop up.

    Everyone wants to win the lottery right? Well, As much as the lottery would help us and so I can help others..no. My lottery is to have a semi normal happy and healthy family. Why is this too much to ask for?

    No I dont want the kids with their dad but my dad and daughter is done. My daughter is starting to act up like him - I think its for attention. I know she hardly gets any because of all the focus on my son :(

    I have no nanny cam yet, just no money! I am going to talk to my grandfather again. My grandfather says my son is just rotten and wants to act this way. I don't know anymore.
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    Sending hugs your way. Many of us have reached the point where we found it hard to survive the stress day to day. You are not alone. Please find a notebook and make daily SHORT notes so when you go the appointment. it will be obvious that it is NOT you or your imagination. Your child has problems and needs professional help. Hang in there! DDD
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    Thank you DDD. Im so scared to walk or talk in my house, or if Im too quite he will blow- I dont know when he is going to flip out. It was all ok - over an hour to get up tickles etc, gave his medications, and he was smiling. I said" Im gonna help you get dressed or are you gonna start on your own? We can race? I started to help him and he said nicely" mom I got it, can you take my socks inside?" "Ok, honey" and I walked out. He was smiling. Well, a couple minutes later my daughters toast was ready and I knocked on her door and told her "sweetie your toast is ready" and All of a sudden he was screaming SHUTUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He had started for two hours- what did I do to him?

    I am truly sorry if I am blasting you all- my grandfather told be before I came on here I was blasting him because I was outa breath from my sons tantrum, telling him what happened and not in the mood to discuss money and stuff I needed sometime- Id be down at lunch. So I guess when Im venting here, or telling you what happened Im blasting you all and I apologize for that
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    Confused... BLAST away. That's part of what this site is here for... it's a safe place to vent, and then get yourself back in a proper frame of mind to deal with things. WE don't take it personally!
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    I wouldn't tell squat to your grandparents about your son. Clearly, they don't get it. It's not your fault and your son has something wrong with him. He isn't "bad." Come here if you want to vent. We DO get it.
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    Thanks InsaneCdn and MidwestMom

    I wouldnt tell him but he lives down the street and neighbors tell him the screaming and kicking doors etc. Plus he can hear him sometimes :(
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    Then tell him the topic of your child is off limits and either hang up gently or walk away if he brings it up to you. He'll get the message. We don't need these helpful hints from family, friends, enemies, kissing cousins, teachers, talking dogs or anythings. We have enough on our plates!
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    I'm sorry. My son has sensory issues and is the same way about noise. Its funny because he screams at the top of his lungs constantly, but if anyone "talks too loud" or laughs, or plays music, etc...he freaks out and says its too noisy. Its really hard.
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    Would ear plugs or headphones help?

    On the bright side the police will know your son's history very well. Don't believe those who say it is your fault or your son's fault. No one wants to live like that. Kids do well when they can.