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    I went to take Jewel outside earlier and she got into the garage and stopped (have to go through the garage to get to the back door). She would not go outside. I heard sirens, but we're spitting distance from the hospital, so that's not unusual. I went outside and kept hearing this noise I couldn't identify. Kind of like thunder, but about every 3 seconds and more local than thunder...if that makes sense. Then I heard a police cruiser doing the 'bloop' thing with his siren a few times.

    Came back in and Jewel headed right for Wynter's room. I went outside a little later and heard what sounded like a gun shot but could have been a firecracker. About 2 minutes later a police helicopter is circling overhead with it's spotlight on. I know we don't have a police helicopter in this town so it has to be from the Sheriff's Office or Columbus. It was circling right over my neighborhood and passed over my house a few times. That's a bright d_amn light.

    Now you have to understand that nothing like this happens in our town. My mom lives in an affluent area of Columbus that is right next door to some of the highest crime areas in the city and they have police helicopters circling all the time. In their other house in that neighborhood they had skylights in the bathroom and that's a little disconcerting when the police helicopters are circling. :sheepish: She also has her porch furniture chained together so it doesn't 'walk' off. I don't even worry about locking doors here. I mean, I do lock them at night, but I don't stress about it. We leave all the time with the doors unlocked.

    So, I came in and locked all the doors and made sure the windows are locked. Kinda creepy when you're used to feeling so safe.
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    I am so sorry this has rocked your feeling of safety.


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    Yikes! that IS scary.

    I sure hope that whatever it is, is resolved soon, and that the community feels safe again. You just take care of you guys, be careful, and check in!!

    Love and hugs~~
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    OMG Heather. Give Jewel extra snuggles for keeping you safe. She sensed the danger and wouldn't go out. (most likely a very good decision)

    I hope they caughter whoever it was they were after.

    I know what you mean, though. When we lived up in north Dayton years back it was nothing to have drive by shootings and such going on all the time. Down here I rarely lock the doors and we're not even truely considered in that great a neighborhood as we have some major drug dealers just down the road. (or did)

    I do try to lock up at night, but don't fret much if I forget because Molly would eat anyone who attempted to come inside. At our last house a couple of blocks over we had someone try to break in 3 times, all 3 times Molly kept them OUT. It was like I suddenly had a totally different dog. She wasn't bluffing. If they'd have gotten in she'd have ripped them to pieces.

    But despite that we do have a low crime rate down here at least as far as break ins and such. Most of the people I know have never considered locking their doors, even if they leave on long trips. Some don't even have keys to their houses cuz they lost them years back and never bothered to replace them.
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    When living in Houston, Texas I practiced safety everywhere -- always.

    I live in a very rural area now with a small college town nearby. I've gotten lax about safety, but I keep the doors locked when I'm home alone and do check doors at night. (Bad things can happen anywhere.)

    Hope they found whatever they were looking for. Shivers, shivers...
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    Well, it was a false alarm. :phew:

    The dad of Wynter's friend who is moving into the neighborhood as we speak told me that it was Meflight circling trying to find a place to land. There was a bad accident involving a car and a motorcycle just down the main road in front of Buehler's grocery store. Friend's dad is moving here from behind Buehler's and was making trips back and forth and said everything is blocked off.

    I'm used to seeing Medflight because of the hospital (they don't bring ppl to our hospital, they pick them up to take them to a bigger hospital), but had never seen it circling with a spotlight on. It ended up landing in Buehler's parking lot. Buehler's is about 1/2 a mile from the local hospital. I'm kind of curious why they didn't transport to the hospital and have Medflight pick up from there since they have a landing pad.

    I feel bad for whoever was so injured, but am so glad there isn't a runner in my neighborhood. There is a lot of cover here and no street lights. And as far as the noise, it's graduation weekend and there are a lot of parties. I probably was hearing fireworks.

    So, now that I'm awake....
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    Jewel does pick up on these things. She's also afraid of her own shadow, so that explains why. :sheepish:

    She's also much better at predicting the weather than the meteorologists. I know a good hour before a storm hits that it's coming. And an hour before the tornado sirens went off on Mother's Day, I took her outside and she stuck her nose in the air and was sniffing then started whining and insisted on coming inside.

    Fireworks season is hard on her, though. She's a mess. I don't like people shooting off their own fireworks anyway cause there's usually alcohol involved and it's a recipe for disaster. With as worked up as Jewel gets, it's even worse. It's the only time she willingly gets into the car.
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    Well, I'm relieved it wasn't a runner, too.

    The person's injury was most likely actually too severe to transport first to your hospital, then transfer via the chopper. When they're really really bad, then land as close to the patient as possible.

    Must have been an awful accident.

    Oh, did ya hear?? We had a plane crash here yesterday near our small county airport. easy child and Nichole told me about it. I think it was one of those small planes but evidently a horrible crash. : (
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    After Devon got home from his girlfriend's we ran to Kroger and had to detour behind Buehler's. They still have it blocked off in front of Buehler's and the bike is still lying in the road. Of course, we then see several other motorcyclists out and most of them without helmets. Sigh...
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    You know, I HATE those helicopters. Fairly regularly they circle my area shining their light. Now I know they are there for safety, but it puts me in a panic. I run around locking every window and door and closing all blinds. It's especially disturbing when the light shines on YOUR HOUSE. Even more disturbing is when the copter circles for a good length of time. These are not medic copters. You can literally see Metro on the side of it.

    I live in the safest part of Vegas. I can only imagine what it's like on the other side of town.

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    I awoke to something like that in 1994 (I call it my "Close Encounter of the Third Kind" moment). Sadly, if was because the owner/operator of the local quick stop place (which was behind our house and across a kids ball field) had been shot to death in a robbery.
    I knew all the police at the time, and they knew I was home alone with two small kids, so one stopped by and explained what was going on, told me to put the dog outside on the run and lock the doors, and he would come back by to let me know when they had caught the person. Which he did about an hour later.

    Sadly, Denny's killer is still sitting on death row, and still going through the appeals process....... he was caught on tape, so there is no doubt he did it.
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    Animals are good at that sort of thing.
    Whew! Glad it was a false alarm, at least in regard to your safety. Best wishes for whoever was injured ...