Went to an HA meeting with my daughter


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My daughter invited me to her HA meeting tonight to see her get her 6-month sobriety chip. It was a very powerful experience. Person after person spoke about their heroin addiction and recovery. The common thread throughout the stories is that it took a willingness to change and that they were different people now. It is my daughter's home group and it was so special to see them all whooping and cheering when my my daughter went up to get her chip.

On the way back to our house (she is spending the night here and then she and I are going to Asheville, NC to spend the night in Asheville and go sightseeing), I told her how moving it was to see so many people at the meeting who are trying to do the right thing and give up drugs. It is so easy to label people addicts and not really see the person inside. Listening to their stories made me realize how hard it is to do what my daughter is doing. One person said it was a miracle that the people in that room were even alive.

She said that the difference now was that she was willing to truly work the program. Ultimately, it has to come from within but it helps to have a support group and she has found a wonderful group of friends who understand her struggles and cheer her on in recovery.

I am really proud of her.


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I am so proud of her, Kathy, and so happy, for you. When our children are in the midst of their addictions, we think we will never have them back again as who they were when our families were still intact. It's amazing to talk with either of my children now about what they knew about their own situations while they were addicted. They felt powerless, and so broken and yet, it seemed impossible to stop, or to change anything about where their lives were going.

I am so pleased for you, Kathy.



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That is wonderful news Kathy, I'm so happy for her and you. I tell skeptics all the time that miracles happen every day within the walls of treatment centers/sober houses/substance abuse groups. This has been a very long and often discouraging road for you, I couldn't be happier. Have a great time in Asheville. Could you have imagined doing that a couple years ago?


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So wonderful to read such a happy ending. I know she has a long way to go but she will do it. It's what SHE wants!!

I only hope others here have the same happy story to share someday (myself included)!


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I am glad that things are going well for all of you. I hope that this is the path of the future and will last for a long time with only minor mistakes here and there. Please know that the 6 mo and 1 year anniversaries seem to be times of great pressure. I know that they are times when my brother slipped, but only slipped. He did not completely relapse and was able to start anew without the enormous effort and mistakes that happened with his first trip to the bottom. Even now, 15 years later, he has daily challenges and works hard to not miss meetings. It is common to think that with time it is easier to stay sober and to not need the support, but it will likely be a lifelong need. Please know that I am in your, and her, corner and hope her path from this point forward is full of growth, potential and positive possibilities.


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We had a great time in Asheville. I thought that we would go to the Biltmore but I had already taken the tour 3 times and L said she would be just as happy walking around downtown Asheville so that is what we did. We had the best fried green tomatoes that I ever tasted at a restaurant called Tupelo Honey Cafe. If you are ever in the area, try it out! We also went to see The Other Side of the Ocean that night.

Ironically, I found out later that the restaurant also has a location in metro Atlanta. So we could have stayed local and shopped, went to the movies, and had fried green tomatoes instead of driving three hours to Asheville. Oh well, it was about taking a road trip together and creating memories . . . good ones for a change.

No, Nancy, I couldn't have imagined we would ever get to this point. I am enjoying every minute but I remain cautiously optimistic.

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