what a difference a day makes!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, Dec 9, 2011.

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    Yesterday difficult child was SO mad that we and the therapist were talking about homework. She came home today and announced that she is almost completely caught up with her homework! I asked her how that happened, and I thought she said "it was a God intervention". While we are religious, we have never had one of those before! LOL. Then she explained she said POD intervention. I guess all her core teachers talked and pulled her out of classes and put her someplace to just work on catching up! (It may have had something to do with my call to the counselor's office yesterday..."is there ANYTHING you can do??")

    I was worried about tryouts for the big musical tryouts tonight -as she has done the last 6 plays in the last 6 years... and she announced: I am not trying out for the play so I can concentrate on my homework!" Where did this child come from???

    Yea!!! from hopeless to hopeful in 24 hours! KSM
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    YEAH! Good for difficult child. It is amazing what SOMEONE else offering help can do, especially when the burden of ASKING for help is something our difficult child's can't seem to be able to do. I hope it continues!!
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    Wow! Very nice!
    A POD intervention, eh? LOL!
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    The middle school is set up in three pods... and each pod has 5 core teachers... So the teachers decided to take her out of classes and got her to get caught up. Glad someone finally did something! KSM