what are your thoughts on chiropractors?

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    With difficult child having daily headaches, severe headaches..I am thinking of this path. He has had CT-scans, MRI's, MRA's, complete blood work-up, 48 hour EEG and I don't know what to do.

    Dean of Students called me Friday 30 minutes before dismissal. Said difficult child was in a lot of pain and I needed to come get him. She said normally she would encourage them to stay but he was in just too much pain.

    i worry about all the Excedrin, Advil and Tylenol #3. I was just thinking of maybe trying this. Couldn't hurt could it?
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    It certainly couldn't hurt to try the chiropractor. I have a friend who had severe kidney stones and while he was going to a chiropractor regularly, the stones stopped. When he stopped going, they came back.
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    I recommend it. Be aware that not all chiros are good, and I am not really sure exactly how to find a good one, other than asking around. Id your difficult child has recent MRI or xrays of his spine, by all means take those. Many chiros like to take xrays and use those to help them devise a treatment plan. (My state recently made it illegal for chiros to take xrays, but until very recently they could.)

    Ask freinds and family if they have any recommendations as to good or bad chiros. We ahve an amazing chiro here, he trained at some amazing places, and is the ONLY doctor to keep me migraine free (well, 4 migraines in 2 years is close enough to free for me) for ANY period in time - and this was without any preventative medicines also. he really is great at what he can help with. But soem things he can't help with. He is also up front about that.

    At this point you need to get an appointment with someone who will prescribe the preventative medicine I have described in past messages. Your child NEEDS it. Simply treating the headaches is not enough with the frequency his headaches are occurring. None of us want to see a child on medicine, but with school in session the amount of time your son can be out will be much less than it was during the summer.

    It may be that he is having tension headaches, instead of migraines. Chiros are usually good at figuring out which kind of headache is happening, esp if you are keeping the headache journal several of us suggested. If you are NOT keeping a journal of his headaches, maybe you should have him start this. Before he takes headache medications he should write in his student planner, or another calendar, the time, wehre it hurts, and what medication he is going to take (or ahs just taken). IF he needs a second dose of medicine, he should write that down.

    Not every headache is the same, even in the same person. this type of journal or diary is really CRUCIAL to getting appropriate care for your child's headaches. It isn't terribly complicated, and it will tell a doctor a lot of important information.
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    I would even consider accupuncture. I'm sorry he's still in so much pain. Poor kid :(
  5. Kjs,

    I agree that it certainly cannot hurt. I also am a huge fan of acupuncture. Many of the folks that I work with who have chronic pain have gotten great relief from acupuncture.
    It's become much more "mainstream" here in the past ten years. Several of the neurologists and physiatrists at our local severe spinal cord injury treatment center here in town have travelled to China to study acupuncture. They are convinced that it is a very effective treatment for certain types of pain.

    Here's the true test though.... My friend and coworker has four beautiful German Shepherds. Two of them have severe arthritis. They go for "doggie" acupuncture treatment and they ALWAYS have improved function when they return from treatment. That's the ultimate litmus for me. Animals don't really "fake" results ....
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    I have long been an advocate for chiropractic care. It's a wonderful natural method to help (and cure) a wide variety of ailments. When I was preggo with easy child, I hit that +35lbs mark and my back went into an "S" shape. My sister introduced me to my first chiro - he was also a Holistic Healer. He worked on my body, pressure points and muscles for an hour and I walked out pain free and straight as an arrow. Later, when I started getting allergy shots, my reactions were so bad I couldn't drive home from my appointment. I began stopping at the chiro after each appointment and he worked on my cranio pressure points and amazingly, all my allergic symptoms disappeared!

    When easy child was 10 years old, she suffered from cerebellitis and lost all her gross and fine motor skills - couldn't walk, touch her nose with her fingertips. She had a 4 day hospital stay until the swelling went down and she couuld 'function' again. Well, I hit the chiro up and within two visits, she was truly back to normal.

    difficult child was 'loosely' diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year by our new chiro. She has mysterious pains and is always tired...after regularly scheduled visits, almost all of her symptoms disappeared. The problem is getting her to go at least twice a month (and affording the copays). If she went, I'm sure she'd be a different person.

    Both dds went when they were having neck and upper back strain due to the weight of their backpacks. And our chiro sent a letter to the school along with an article in some chiro journal...it helped our district impose some regulations on how much backpacks weigh. Some teachers began photocopying text book pages rather than have students carry the text books home each day.

    When I go at least once/twice a month, I feel like I have more energy, less headaches, I sleep better.

    So, as you can see, I am all for chiros! It certainly cannot hurt. And if it does, try a new one. Ask around and see if you can find one who uses gentle manipulations, has experience working with children and adolescents and is not just all about the 'cracking'. There are quacks out there, so be careful.
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    I haven't the faintest Idea what to ask for.

    As for preventative medication. difficult child DID take that. he took Topomax for well over a year. He said it made no difference so didn't want to continue.

    His headaches he can describe very well. Yesterdayit was his right side. Draw a line straight down the middle of his head. Other times it is the left side. Sometimes the top, back. All depends.

    Not only did we get into it over the missing (or no work) the previous night...difficult child's friend who was hit by the car two weeks ago...kids at school told him she died the previous night. he told me he didn't know how to feel. He just wanted to see her one more time. I told him before he gets upset, he needs to check it out. We went on the computer and searched everything. No update saying she died.
    She has swelling of the brain, bleeding on the brain. She did not wake up yet. Had holes drilled in to relieve the pressure. Her Myspace has been updated by her brother. Says "Pray for her". Been a rough year for difficult child. A friends mother died of breast cancer a year ago, his friends grandma who cared for his friend, My mother and now Taylor is fighting for her life.
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    The first medication they tried was topomax?? There are a number of categories of medications that can prevent migraines/headaches. The fact that one didn't work is not a very good reason not to at least explore some other types of preventatives. I would be very skeptical of a doctor who only wanted to try topomax, simply because it hasn't been around as long as many of hte others and has a much higher side effect profile than others do.

    Beta blockers are blood pressure medicines that lower blood pressure and do many other things. They are usually the first line medication tried to prevent migraines. I don't know if this is because they are so cheap or because they help more people. there are a LOT of medications in this group, including propranolol (brand name Inderal) which was long considered to be the gold standard of migraine preventatives. Atenolol is another beta blocker.

    Calcium channel blockers are the next medication category used to prevent migraines. VErapimil is one of these. I know they also control blood pressure and are used to prevent migraines. I don't know many more of the medications in this group.

    Antiseizure medications like topomax and depakote are used to prevent migraines, but less frequently according to my doctor and Jessie's pediatrician neuro. They simply have more side effects than other types of medications. They are also more expensive. I think that topomax does a LOT of work through pharmaceutical reps in marketing this as a migraine preventative, so many docs don't think about other medications because they don't treat migraines as often as some of us have them.

    Lyrica is a medication that targets nerve pain (diabetic neuropathy and other kinds of neuropathy), as well as fibromyalgia. It is a newer generation of the medication neurontin, according to my rheumatologist. both neurontin and lyrica prevent migraines. They alos have significant side effects.

    I hope you are able to find some way to help your son prevent and treat the headaches. medications with aspirin in them should absolutley NOT be taken if you son has any symptoms of the flu. that is when aspirin intake could lead to Reye's Syndrome, which can be fatal.

    I hope he doesn't have a headache today. Have the docs offered any other medications to help treat the headaches? Has he ever tried Midrin or any of hte medications that contain ergotamine? They can be very effective, esp in people who odn't find relief from the triptans. Midrin also treats tension headaches, so it can be very useful.
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Chiropractors crack me up........:tongue:

    WHen Dude was born caesaeran - I took him to a chiropractor to stretch him and help him sleep -

    I've been in a lot of accidents and every time I request to go to a chiropractor.

    I vote yes - I think they are often misunderstood as doctors, and once you get past the fluid cracking it's just manipulation of a good kind to align your body and allow it to function like it should.

    I think Terry's hubby is a chiro. Ask her.

    I also have found with migraines that if you do a journal - weather, time, day -odd things eaten it helps you pinpoint your triggers. I NEVER get a migraine on a rainy day. And I took Topomax and Relpax - when I can afford both of those? I may get 2-3 migraines a month without them? I have almost 15-20.

    Keep in mind too - you need SEVERAL adjustments over a period of time to align yourself. Ask up front after the initial exam what time line to get the muscles and tendons back into alignment, then how often for maintenance. You're not a car - it's not a one trip deal.
  10. Kjs

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    I took verapimil for my headaches which I have every day. Did nothing.

    difficult child DOES have Midrin. Doesn't help. He finds more relief with Excedrin.
    Have imitrex, maxalt and another one that starts with an A. No relief.

    Just get so frustrated when you are putting all these medications in him and nothing is working. There was a time when he took Lamictal, lorazapam, Topomax, lexapro and something that started with an R - that really did not help. He didn't sleep when that was added.

    He saw a pediatric Neurologist for Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin. I trust he does what he needs to do.

    At the point now that I just want to start from block one.

    thanks for all your input. I appreciate every one.
  11. susiestar

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    It certainly sounds like he is a good candidate for chiro, esp as teh medications ahven't helped. Just because one medication helps you doesn't mean it will help him. But I can guarantee there is a HUGE push against rxing fioricette or fiorinal to anyone for migraines, and esp to kids. You are far likelier to find a chiro to be of help than to find a doctor to rx those medications. (I just remember them helping you, am NOT saying that either you or difficult child have misused them, or htat you have given them to him.)

    Are you working on keeping a journal of when he ahs teh headaches? Of the other factors that Star mentioned? One thing that can greatly increase headaches is preserved meats and aged cheeses. If you can just make a note of when he has bacon, hot dogs, ham, any smoked meats, etc.... you may find it to be a great help. After you have a month or so of journalling, go over it to see if there is ANY link between the headaches and weather, food, activity, stress, etc... I was VERY skeptical of htis until I was in a research study on migraines in college. I had YEARS of diaries that didn't show me anything. We ended up seeing a link - 2 or 3 DAYS after having more than 2-3 servings of preserved meats/aged cheeses I had a headache. Most people have more clear-cut links, but odd patterns like this do come up. It takes time and patience, but the increased use of pdas and computers makes it much easier to track this stuff AND to find patterns.

    Do you think difficult child would be willing to just make a simple note in his journal, M for meat, C for cheese, ch for chocolate, kind of code, maybe with you keeping track of the weather, or have him download it from the weather channel each week? Then you could work on finding patterns in a month or two? There is a whole list of foods that can cause migraines, you can probably google them. It might make him feel like he had a bit more control over everything to do this.
  12. Kjs

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    No - I do not think difficult child would write anything. I try to, but he doesn't always say anything until after the fact.

    When I am not working I make a big breakfast. And a dinner that almost always consists of salad, meat, veggie and potatoes.

    I will work with him regarding this.

    Yep - I have fioricette with-codiene. No I never would give that to difficult child.
    I don't use it often. Been taking that for 20 years.

    They gave me stadol at one time. No longer. That worked too, but I locked that one up. That was bad. I couldn't handle that one.

    I will work on difficult child telling me what he eats.

    thanks for the info.

    What questions would I ask a chiopractor??
  13. TerryJ2

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    sorry I'm so late. I just flew in from the Twin Cities last night.

    I'm going to the chiro (my husband) today for my back and neck ... I painted a mural for my sister and threw out my back. Boo hoo!

    I reg: to headaches, most chiros do very well adjusting the cervical spine for headaches. Wisconsin is a good state because they get grads from both Ill. and MN, which both have good schools. (Beware of MS and GA.)
    If you have Xrays, be sure to bring the reports to the ofc with-you so you don't have to have difficult child Xrayed again. (Unless they're over a yr old.)

    I've had my husband work on my neck for headaches. The staff also does electrical stimulant on my upper back and shoulders, because I carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders.
    I've not had any luck at all with-my migraines, but husband has had good luck with-other migraineurs. (Maybe it's just that he's the one who GIVES me the most headaches? HAhah.)

    I'd make an appointment and fill out the paperwork, and go for a cpl mo's and see what happens.
    I'll second the motion for acupuncture, too.
    I've got my fingers crossed for you all!
  14. SRL

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    I saw a chiropractor earlier this winter for neck/back pain and it's been very helpful. Surprisingly my sinuses are better too.

    Ask around because some of them delve deeply into supplements, products, etc. You want one who is a good fit for you.
  15. DDD

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    What a coincidence...I was going to post a question about chiropractic
    this afternoon! I have one friend who is my age. She was the primary
    caregiver for her granddaughter until she reached three or four. Bright,
    beautiful and well behaved little girl.

    Last year her behavior turned and she was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Tourette's...I'm not sure about ADHD or ODD. My friend and her daughter
    are "into" natural cures. They put the girl on medications per the specialist and
    began seeking natural treatment.

    She told me on the phone (they live in Orlando) yesterday "X is doing so
    much better now we have her off medicines. She takes supplements and
    goes to the chiropractor twice a week." HUH??? In the background I have no problem hearing LOUD vocalizations from the six year old and my
    friend says "of course she still has tics and is in Special Education" but she is much better.

    I was going to go to Orlando and visit overnight this month and I didn't
    bring it up. I don't work for a pharmacy but I can't wrap my head around
    using supplements and a chiropractor. Am I missing the boat? Sound like you all are in the know about this subject. I have used a chiropractor with outstanding results for pulled back muscles...but Tourettes?? DDD
  16. TerryJ2

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    Maybe s/he can adjust the spine and get the tics to tone down a bit, since chirpractic deals with-the spine and nerves, but there is no "cure," per se.
    I don't know what medications their kid was on b4 so I don't know if it was necessary to begin with. Sigh. Maybe the chiro got her in shape so she could sleep better?
    I don't have enough info.
    Supplements like fish oil, etc. are good because Aspies often have leaky gut and other immune system dysfunctions, but it's not a total cure. Treatment is a combination of many things (incl. therapy), as we know here.
  17. amazeofgrace

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    I disagree, it CAN hurt!

    I went to one for a neck ache and 2 weeks later I was at my regular Dr. and I couldn't move my neck or head!

    Snap, crackle, Pop is for breakfast cereal not your body!
  18. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Are his headaches Cluster Headaches? Have you tried bio-feedback? lidoderm patches? At the clinic I was at, the headache guru... here is a link to some of his stuff.

    I found the Oxygen administration interesting!? I had never heard of that! And the cycles...
    He was big into bio-feedback, accupuncture, chiro, anything that brings relief! One day when I was there I sat with a young man who had cluster headaches. They sound unimaginable! The doctor said they are the worst.
    I know you are far from here, but at this clinic they have in patient and do take severe cases, as well as clinical studies. I was starting one for my 14 day migraine and then I found out I was moving...
    They are awesome!!!
    Chiro and accupuncture are both great! For me and husband at least.
  19. tawnya

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    I had a migraine almost every day for over a year...yeah almost every day. I got down to 90 pounds because of all this. I went to doctors, internists, neurologists, and headache clinics. My boss at the time had a friend who was a chiropractor. I went to him, and on the first appointment I told him that he was second to last in line, only one left was the witch doctor.

    It took about 6 months, but now I only get about 6 migraines a year instead of daily. I had a vertebrae out of line that was pressing on a major nerve and that was causing most of it.

    Like others have said, there are quacks out there. The guy that I went to did all manual procedures, no supplements, etc. I would come out of there feeling like I had just slept for 12 hours. It is hard to explain, but it really helped me.

    Migraines are really hard to figure out what is causing them. All the others have good ideas about journals, but mine never showed anything either.

    Hugs for you both.

  20. TerryJ2

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    Migraines can have a hereditary component, too.

    Kjs, have you figured out whether they're stress or sinus or migraine or a combination?