what does everyone do when school is out?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Apr 16, 2007.

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    it was a rough week and it was only a week. difficult child seems to need someone to be with. Even when he knows that person has to leave at a certain time he is making plans with someone else for that time. Well, that use to be the case. Seem's as if he spends most of his time alone these days. "everyone hates me" oh, it will be a long summer. And I just hate the fact that he spends hours and hours on the computer. He says he is talking to people, but when I pop in there he is always playing that online game..runescape.
    The pool (with two big slides) is a block away, however you must be 14, or go with someone 14 or older to get in. Many of his classmates go. So many are so big they are never questioned. difficult child is short and doesn't get in. It is close enough that he can come home if things don't work out. They make them get out of the water for 30 minutes every two hours. In between then I check, or husband or easy child, depends on who is home.
    He use to ride his bike a lot on trails and such. Doesn't do that anymore. (no one to ride with) Best friends parents got divorced and best friend moved away. (he spent all his time with him. It was really hard on difficult child)
    I am having panic attacks thinking of summer. Plays soccer which will be done by end of june. Plays baseball which will run through July. Hopefully he can hold it together for the sports. Pretty shakey lately.
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    I applied for and recieved financial assistance and my kids went to organized supervised places for summer....band camp, scout day camp, park district play group.
    When my oldest was having difficulties with things, then we let her stay home.......knitting, doing crafts, etc. We also got my kids Bigs thru Big Brothers Big Sisters (vounteers) due to my husband disability and my extreme work schedule (and then later due to my disability) and WRAP arranged mentors for my kids....and so my kids also spent time with mentors.
    Is that what you mean?
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    Parks and recreation depts sometime have things to do, maybe a day camp you can find, have a ymca around? How bout 4H? Look for some special needs sleep away camps if you can afford them...or maybe regular camp if you think he could handle it.

    There are things to do but you have to look.
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    Look into summer camps. You may be able to find one for bipolar kids. They are out there. Look into your recreation department. Some recreations have summer programs for your kids.

    YMCA camps are great, if you have one in your area.
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    When they were little, or younger, my girls were either at day care, which offered a half day science program or I scheduled my vaca, or they went to their dads.

    Now my easy child is at college so it's a non-issue. In regards to difficult child, I worry a lot. She's 17, so she mostly sleeps until noon, logs on line, plans things she shouldn't and then I go home and take her to work. It bites.
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    I'm utilizing day treatment setting part of the day for kt. A couple of days a week kt will be attending a yoga class at the rec center then volunteering at the humane society.

    I also utilize in home services (a godsend). I expect kt will be attending a couple of camps this summer; I know wm will be attending a couple of camp sessions.
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    You might check into some special needs camps in your area. My difficult child goes to two. One is for developmental delayed kids. They do the normal camp things like hike, ride horses, swim, do crafts. She stays there for a week.

    She also does a therapeutic equestrian camp. It is a day camp and lasts 1-2 wks depending on how much you pay for.

    The parks and rec dept in our city also has lots of different day camps for kids at really reasonable rates.

    All of the above might help him make some new friends that would understand his disposition.

    I know it is hard. :frown:

  8. Kjs

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    difficult child hated daycare same as school. Would never do any programs. Tried tennis one year. He hit the ball out of the courts on purpose, he quit that. He does play baseball and soccer, but that doesn't last long and soccer is only on Saturdays (spring) And it doesn't fill up the days.
    It would be a waste of money for any program since he hates them and doesn't get along with most kids. It would just be a fight.
    I would love to send him to camp, but any camp I have checked into is way to expensive. We make it pay day to payday as I am sure most of you do.
  9. Stella Johnson

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    Most of the camps for special needs in my area have sliding scale and grants depending on your income. Might check into it. Some don't advertise it but if you ask, they will tell you about it.

  10. dreamer

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    becuz my husband is and has been on soc sec disability since 1990.....and I wound up on it when I got so sick....we never could have done a single thing with our kids. You might be surprised if you inquired about "financial assistance" or "scholarships" for lots of different programs. Some places offer partial help, some full help- but very often you have to ask. Hey all they can do is say "no"
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    difficult child 1 is going in to a day treatment program.
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    My kids will stay home with husband. Not too exciting. easy child hates Boys and Girls club, difficult child ends up having major issues due to inadequate supervision (fine for other kids, not for him) and how unstructured it is. mother in law is coming out in August :surprise:
    :faint: Kids enjoy her (to a point) but she stays for 3 weeks. Between husband, difficult child, and then her anxiety and god knows what other issues, easy child and I want to run away.