What is the Ratio of Male/Female Staff Members?


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I ask this question because difficult child brought it up to us recently.

Most of the people who are involved with him are female. Most of the nurses/doctors/staff at psychiatric hospital and collaborative day are female. All of the people we have met through the wraparound services are female - in fact, we were hoping for a male "skill builder" for difficult child and were informed they don't have any - all girls. His teachers have all been female.

husband and I thought maybe it was because of the natural "nuturing" tendancies of females - all due respect to the great Dads and DHs of the Board, of course.

I wondered if this was across the board in this particular field or just occurring here?? Are there more female teachers than male in general?? Just curious to know what you all have found.


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Hmmmm...there actually were a handful of male staff members on the unit at the psychiatric hospital M was at and his original SW there was a man as well (though he was NOT a great communicator, nor was he very effective).

Teachers, however, on the elementary level I have only seen 1.


Teachers elementary had one male - who difficult child had and it was a disaster. it was like a power struggle each and every day.

Middle school there are many more male teachers. Not as many as Female. difficult child had one male in 6th, one male in 7th and his case worker for Spec. Ed next year is Male. All of these male teachers in middle school like difficult child. Had no issues with them. One male teacher in 6th grade told me that he likes difficult child, he has a conscience, more than most kids. He told me if difficult child does have a bad day and acts out he ALWAYS comes back to apologize. I was not aware of that. Found out he will apologize to those that he likes, that treat him like the others. difficult child has the most trouble with the older female teachers. Me too. They seem so set in their ways and not willing to bend.

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While I've seen mostly ladies in the elementary school setting, it's far different in the day treatment & Residential Treatment Center (RTC) settings I've been involved in for the last 3 years.

All the services for wm are staffed with men; for kt with women.


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Let's see...in our lives...

psychiatrists.....6 male...2 female
Tdocs.....2 male...6 female
1:1 Aides..1 male...2 female
Teachers...only 1 male so far

We needed a female, AA therapist for Kanga due to her issues; other than that one staff, it has just been what we were assigned.

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In elementary schools there are very few males. Surprisingly at the school I teach at we have 3 male elementary school teachers. Even though husband is a male elementary school teacher neither of my kids ever had a male elementary school teacher.


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We have three male classroom teachers :grin: and a male school counselor...and one of our male teachers is now marrying one of the female teachers....the secret affiar went on for three years. Now everyone is coming to the wedding !!


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Thanks, everyone. I guess maybe it's more 'even' in some areas - although I guess probably overall more women go into teaching than men. There is only 1 male teacher in our entire regular elementary school district in addition to the 1 male p.e. teacher.

difficult child responded amazingly to his therapist in collaborative day. Too bad he couldn't continue to see him now that he's graduated from that program. Isn't that always the way? :crazy: