When a pet is your easy child and it's time comes


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Because of our difficult relationship with our difficult child our hearts have been filled with love for our very special fur-baby. We recused him around the age of 4 ( a Yorkie that we got 1 day after being removed from a severe abuse situation). We loved and healed this tiny broken one and have let him live out his senior years with love, affection and dignity.
Today the day has come (illness and old age) that we will be sending her precious little boy across the rainbow bridge.
We are devastated and heartbroken.


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Oh 2M2R, I'm so sorry. I hope you can take comfort in knowing that your furbaby loved you and knew he was loved in return. Big hugs, and prayers for you and yours.


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Thanks everyone, our sweet little boy crossed that Rainbow bridge about 2:00 today and we had lovely helpers place him in our garden.
husband has gone out to buy flowers to plant on his resting place.
Fur-babies are so special in our lives because all we need do is love them and treat them kindly and they love us faithfully until the end.
No jail, no bail, no University, flat tires or turned off electricity. Just warm furry little creatures who want to snuggle with us.
Thanks for all the nice support.

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2M2R my heart goes out to you. Our fur babies are so very special. Sending prayers and hugs!!


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In the way of looking at everything as being connected, of looking at everything having deep significance and meaning whether we can understand it or even, make sense of it at all, there is a belief that our animals (all animals, and how we see them and what we do about that) teach and deepen and strengthen us just in those places we need to be taught, and deepened, and strengthened. There was someone once who described a dog's purpose as "their ministry of love."

I've loved and learned from so many....

I am deeply sorry for your loss.

Holding a special thought for you, today.



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2m2r --- So sorry to read this. Was this "Gizmo" who crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday? Oh, my....

Our fur babies are also a God-send to us. There's no denying they are a gift on so many levels. We have no easy child (just 1 difficult child), so our easy child is also our dog (Barney -- the 6.5 yo black lab.....and before that it was Pumba -- the black lab/border collie who lived to be 14). When Pumba left us, I felt like a piece of my soul was severed.

2m2r --- My eyes are watering just thinking of you and your Gizmo. Love your heart to help and heal. What a blessing you were to Gizmo, giving him healing, love and dignity in his final years. Somehow, I think Gizmo is still close by you and watching over you....


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You were close, his name was Romeo. And yes I do feel him around me and felt him happy after the injection was finished but before the Vet said anything (that he had passed). I have to say doing it at home made it so much easier and I am glad I had found this option before his time came. (It's called At Home Pet Euthanasia)
I have a huge reminder today, because I cried so hard for two days, with this pain disease I feel as if some big burly man sucker punched me in the face, the pain in my face is just so bad and my face, nose and sinuses, just is really, really sore.

I had a really hard time sleeping last night as Romeo has slept with us every night since we had him plus there have been times when I have been in bed round the clock and he was there for me, just getting out long enough to take care of dog business (eating/going outside) I had to find a throw pillow that felt like his fur to go to sleep last night.

On another note, wouldn't our difficult child's just die if they knew just how much we love and care for these fur-babies? (LOL)


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2m2r --- Romeo. Ok, thanks for clarifying his name (by the way, great name for a fur family member). And thank you for sharing the name "At Home Pet Euthanasia". I'll remember that. We've always gone in to the vet's, but I greatly prefer at home.

We sleep with Barney on our bed, too (all 60 lbs of him). I would do the same as you with the pillow.

I have no wise words and I hope my words do more healing than hurting. Just know that I totally related to this that you wrote....

I feel as if some big burly man sucker punched me in the face, the pain in my face is just so bad and my face, nose and sinuses, just is really, really sore.

2m2r --- Am I reading correctly that you have a chronic pain illness? I'm still trying to learn everyone's background stories (and keep straight whose is whose). Please pardon me if I misread, just wanted you to know that I noticed and care.


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First let me tell you was pretty shocked to find out that the at home euthanasia was cheaper than doing it at the vet (not that I cared, I just wanted to do it at home)
Second yes, I have many difficult health diagnosis. I have had fibro since before it was re-named from fibrositis - some 25+ years ago. Then I fell off of a ladder and about 5% of people who injure a limb, will be diagnosed with a neurological disease for which there is no treatment, no cure. Mine was a crushed wrist. This lead to the diagnosis of this disorder: CRPS or Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. It is the MS of the nervous system, systematically destroying the nerves beginning with the nerve endings of the effected limb and spreading throughout the body. I ALWAYS like to explain this disease so that people understand that you can acquire it from even a muscle strain, 5% of people and after a lot of research found that an 81 mg regimen of sprain can greatly reduce your chance of acquiring it. With the diagnosis you are automatically given SSDI because with all the pain and breakdowns in the body through the nervous system, it is plainly stated as "Will never work again". Along with the fibro, the CRPS I've had a heart attack, a stroke, I have a frozen shoulder - they can't let it UN-freeze because it would just dislocate out the back (talk to your local football player about the pain of dislocation. I have broken fingers that the surgeon completely missed in the long extensive surgery to repair my wrist ( I was ex-ray of the day the day I broke it = the most screwed up one the techs saw on that day) Muscle cramping, well there is just too much to go on as the list of symptoms for the CRPS are 4 pages long. Ain't I a lucky duck.

Because of my health issues, Dr's have said from (especially CRPS) that the last thing I need in my life is stress because it is going to cause my whole body to flare in pain. This is why my therapist agrees with NC with my difficult child. My body just isn't up for the stress of the games she plays and it takes a huge toll on my body. Also this is why I loved and snuggled my little fur-baby, he was always there for me, demanding nothing. It's like the two of us, broken, found each other. To me he is irreplaceable, he was the sweetest dog, the best temperament and just wanted love which we were able to provide for him in spades. That's why it is so heartbreaking to have to put him down. (he was bleeding internally) Even when you are doing your best by your best buddy in the world it sucks the big one!
Romeo sure helped me deal with the isolation of being Chronically ill. Yes I have my wonderful husband who I can honestly say, unlike some other male turds, instead of abandoning me, has been the best caregiver in the world. (Yes he is MY Saint) Still Romeo stayed by my side (even the long bedridden days) - what a hero and the best fur-companion ever!