When men get an idea....

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    A few days ago, our washer died. Of course this happened in mid cycle when the washer was full. It's timing through the cycle fine but when it gets to the draining part.....nada.

    Alright fine. This happens. We have a lead on a used set that we're going to try to get today. (Of course though, we already have two dryers....not sure what we're going to do with the third.)

    But.....the "old" washer is still connected and still full of water. Before I go any further, let me say that I had an idea to drain it that probably would NOT have resulted in a partially flooded laundry room/back porch. I have had 3 days to do this.....I should have done it and I take partial responsibility for this. HOWEVER, do you think husband listened to my idea? (Involving one of those plastic manual squeeze pumps used to fill kerosene heaters....and a bucket.) Do you think he listened when I told him that scooting the FULL washer across the floor to the back door would more than likely result in either him throwing his back out or a big mess? (*&^%$$ NO, he did not.

    So husband starts moving the washer, and as he moves it, it starts to fall apart. Seems that the last time we had an issue with it, he had unscrewed the back and top to take a look. He NEVER SCREWED IT BACK UP.

    Fine. Whatever. HE'S the one moving it...I'm just clearing the way and trying to keep my bare toes from getting nailed. (Did I mention that during this...I'm in my ROBE?) He finally gets it to the back door, hand me the hose to lay out the door to drain the washer and....

    ....the freaking hose POPS OFF the back of the washer. Water is going EVERYWHERE. He's cussing, grabbing for the hose....gets it back on the washer....but the other end..the end that is supposed to be OUT THE BACK DOOR is BEHIND him in the room. Draining.

    By this time, it's taking all I have to keep from opening my mouth. So once we get the hose situated, I'm alternatley squatting down (in my robe) holding the hose, or bent over at the waist with my fat backside in the air, holding the hose. I couldn't manage to keep my mouth shut when husband said to just let go of the hose. If I had, it would have twisted/flipped back around to shoot the water back in the house. I told him this but didn't use nearly the number of "nice" words that I wrote here.

    So now....the washer is drained, it's out the back door and far as I know....still lying in the back yard where husband shoved it off the porch. The back porch/laundry room is wet and disgusting. I'm not the best housekeeper and between that, the dog food on the floor (now wet) around the food bags (hopefully dry) and the 2 lbs worth of spilled laundry detergent from difficult child....it's a mess. husband asked why I was so mad....HE was the one who was going to clean it up. I just looked at him, said because I TOLD you this would happen and that I KNOW he is going to clean it up. Then I tried to stomp back in the house but that's difficult when you're trying to keep from falling on your butt while walking through the silt that is now the floor of my laundry room and when the bottom third of your robe is slapping against your legs and weighting you down because it now weighs 20lbs because of wicking up the water you were squatting in while holding the drain hose on the washer.

    OMG....he just came in and told me it was cleaned up and there wasn't that much water. Uh huh. I asked "Did you check under/behind the dryer and the shelves beside the back door? I'm pretty sure all the water ran that way (the back porch/laundry room isn't level) and is pooled there."

    Oh, he says. I'll do that he says. Just give me a minute.




    And Star? Your DF and my husband shall never, never, never, EVER meet and/or collaborate on a project.

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    Are you sure our husband's are not related? I had to dive in front of the kitchen sink on Friday afternoon and FORBID him from "fixing" the pipe that drains the sink less than two hours before I had guests arrive for a party. You know... it's the plumbing he "fixed" Independence Day weekend. Argh! I can't wait for Duckie to be back and school and him to be out of town for work. I am so calling a plumber!
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    All I can say is... RUN!!! I don't like men getting ideas.

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    Yep. I hate it when Hubby decides to do something like this.
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    And the "new" washer?


    Doesn't work.
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    AHHH It sounds to me like he did... LOL!

    I know this feeling all too well. And I do sympathize. In our case the laundry room gets flooded when it rains hard due to downstairs garage. So I just throw dirty laundry on floor to soak it up. :D

    Lots of hugs. What's wrong with the new washer???
  7. mstang67chic

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    When we hooked it up, I ran it through a full cycle with hot water, soap and a little bleach to 1 - see if it worked and 2 - clean it out because it had been setting in an empty house for a few months.

    We put clothes in....no agitation and no spinning out.

  8. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    How can you continue to be the light of everyones life if you are a soggy wick?

    Aw go dry up.

    A little wet behind the ears are we?

    Cinderfella slopped her dripper. (Spoonerisms)

    You missunderstood. This is not how you become a true WicKca.

    Soaking up all the good housewife chi huh? Very Zen girl.

    Putting out fires every day, you warrior Mom you.

    BE the Swiffer. Be one with the mop. Ohmmmmmm. Ohmmmm.

    -If you REALLY had wanted that washing machine moved YOUR way - you would have gotten rid of the robe BEFORE he started moving it. :surprise:
    (sending myself to the corner)

    After another 9 hour round with me sitting on the chairs at the ER that make the rock of Gibralter feel like a Serta Perfect Sleeper then we get home and the man who slept through most of it says "Well that didn't help either falls asleep again? No...they can't play or collaborate together. :mad: