Where do I search for drugs and other contraband?

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    Me again,

    I was told yesterday by Skeeters case manager that she has told him, she has a stash of drugs in my house. He told me he could not say anymore due to confidentiality. But he would be scared if he were me.

    We have torn up her room. Looked in all the obvious places and came up pretty much empty handed.

    Today we will search the linnen closet. That is going to be a job. It is a mess. Well at least it could use a good cleaning.

    I guess our next step is looking at the basement. Boy, I tell you all this will be a JOB! It is a mess down there.

    Please let me know if you all have any ideas.
    This is just not a question I can go around asking just anyone.

    Thanks bunches,
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    Try the cold air return in her bedroom or bath.

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    in the air vents
    behind and under drawers
    inside a lamp base
    just inside the attic entrance
    in a flower pot
    inside a pillow
    under a dresser or nightstand
    underwear drawer
    inside box of feminine products
    inside shoes
    old jacket pockets/lining
    in the rafters
    on top of support beams
    inside an old coffee can

    WOW, this list can go on forever. Let me know if you've exhausted this one and I'll keep plugging away on ideas.
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    Managed to find a lovely stash in between the mattress. It's amazing how when these behaviours take over your life, the way things start to pile up. LOL [​IMG]

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    Trying to remember my favourite hiding places ... in my case it was Lady Chatterley's Lover (does that date me or what??) It was between the mattress and the box spring.
    I know you will get lots of help on here from others, to both your posts, but have you also posted on Struggling Teens? Might be an idea to tap that source of resources too.
    Might be an idea to check any outside places - shed, garage, or if none of those, some nearby structure/planks/stones.
    Underneath potted plants, in the pot?
    Toilet cistern?
    Good hunting ... hope you find them, or perhaps she will get to a point where she wants to tell you, since she has checked herself in. When you see her, maybe she will tell.

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    call the Drug enforcement team over at your local PD and ask if you can schedule one of their dogs to come out for a sniff.

    If they can't do this they may still be able to give you some suggestions on where to look.

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    Having had to stand by while the police did this in my sons room (thank goodness they didn't find anything - i have regular room search rules anyway) take out the drawers to the bureau and look in each empty drawer and underneath - was told they tape the stuff to the tops of things.

    Look in the clothes which have pockets, any purses, under the matress..

    Thats all I can come up with


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    Look under the bottom of the box springs. they cut holes in the bottom of them and throw the drugs up into the corners of the box springs. Taped under stuff. Look up over the tops of cabinets-in bathrooms and kitchen- and tall furniture. In the very backs of closets that no one ever gets into.
    In the garage-inside stuff-behind the refridgerator and other big appliances.

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    Inside a piggy bank
    Inside the computer case
    taped to the underside of a bathroom sink
    where does she seem to spend a lot of time?
    top of the fan blades to a ceiling fan
    battery box for a walkman
    anyplace there is an inch of space!!
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    suitcases that don't get used often
    behind headboard
    behind dressers or hutches
    boxes of anything, empty or not

    calling in the dogs might not be a bad idea. she's in rehab so they shouldn't bother her. good luck. ~~~~~~kris

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    Did you find it?

    In the car spare tire.....

    in the freezer..
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    In the hem of drapes

    In speakers

    Cleaning products-empty containers

    Inside toilet tanks

    Behind base boards

    Behind the dividers in a filing cabinet

    Inside curtain rods

    In chandeliers

    Taped under the housing of the tv

    Inside doors (especially if they kicked holes in them)

    Inside electrical wall plate covers

    I think we have about exhausted it!


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