who else is tired of snow???


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dont get me wrong i love the snow but enough all ready.it has stopped where i am but the kids are stiil out of schoolwho else is ready for spring,summer,swimming pools.god i cant wait..


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Ugg, I am done and we don't even have the snow problem. Ours is the unbearably cold temperatures. I run a daycare and we haven't been out in almost two weeks because of the temps. It's been so cold, difficult child hasn't skated on the rink in our backyard for over a week and it takes a lot to stop him doing that!

Right now the wind is blowing like crazy and I have goosebumps.

I am all for spring too!


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I do not like the cold. I only like warm snow...lol that kind that falls when it is not too cold outside and you can enjoy it. I am sick of loading the woodburner, vacuuming up the wood dust and I want to grow my flowers WAH!

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I am so tired of the winter, and we really have had a mild one. But for the past month it has been below zero almost every morning. And enough with the snow already!! My cats won't even go out and I have to lug my little daschund around because he just stands there holding his paw up. I am ready for the crocus's to start appearing and I want to hear the birds. Soon Spring will be here.

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Count me in those tired of winter! We haven't had a ton of snow but the cold has more than made up for it!! They said this morning all of February so far has been below average in temperature. This cold stuff has worn out its welcome.

There appears to be good news on the horizon. Next Thursday they are calling for a high of 40-with the temps we have been having that will be a heat wave!


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I don't care so much about the snow....I care that I'm stuck with my kids all day !!!! Including the weekend and President's Day it's 6 1/2 days no school-freezing temperatures--and major ICE !! :nonono:

And to top it off - more than half of my driveway and my walkway are covered in about 5 inches of ice--I was shoveling until difficult child had a problem and by the time the meltdown was over...it was too late..the sleet turned to ice and now....UGH...and husband is working Sunday and Monday as well !!


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I had enough of winter as soon as the temperature got below 65 degrees.

We got a ton of ice and snow too, and it's an inconvenient pain. I don't know how people in Alaska live. I don't know why I live in an area where there is snow. I absolutely dislike it.

Ugh, I can't wait for spring :hammer:

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I have to lug my little daschund around because he just stands there holding his paw up. </div></div>


My poor dogs have to endure trying to get their feet thru 2 inches + of ice to the snow underneath just to walk outside. We have so much ice on the trees they get pounded by ice missles every time the wind blows. :rolleyes:

We have yet another storm coming in tonite. Last time I heard we are supposed to get 3-4 more inches. Oh, goody. NOT!

Yep. I'm more than ready for spring.


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well, we got more snow again last nite approx 4 more inches. our ability to handle snow here and remove it is awesome.and our kids have only missed one day of school due to weather- it was NOT the day of 15 below zero before wind chill was factored in.....it was the day we got the most snow, and it was not the amount of snow but raher timing and how it snowed----it was cuz the buses could not get startd n time.
Water mains are bursting all over, and the ground is so frozen` it is a problem trying to repair them.

My lil dog turns out to LIKE the snow, I thought my son made the tunnels, but it was dog! LOL.

I have never liked too hot weather, I keep inside my house 60-65 year round, warmer than that and I feel physically ill. BUT I also cannot shovel due to my RA-Lupus.....and husband cannot shovel for a LOT of health reasons. I have never been able to find a kid to shovel us for pay, and our drive is too small for a plow. My kids? HA! I try. I threaten, bribe, beg, sometimes they go out and dabble........
Yeah, I am tired of the snow and extreme bitter cold. And even staying in, the weather triggered a flare of my illnesses. :-( It stinks.


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I was surprised they called school off that day----they NEVER call off school here, NEVER. ANd that was not the most snow nor was it the coldest day -----so I am not sure exactly why they called off school that day.
we have had several days where the winds have een really bad.....20,30 MPH, one day 56 MPH. Many days where before you factor in windchill the temp was 6,8 and 10 below zero, maybe more. And we currently have approx 3 feet on ground, and LOTS of thick ice under the snow and on top of the snow. we have some 5-6 ft drifts.
My school confuses me and many have written letters to editor at local paper complaining cuz they have not called school off more, saying it has been dangerous for the kids to be waiting for busses in such bitter cold, and also saying it is dangerous with the ice and snow on the roads.....and if you call in kids here and say it is cuz of weather- it is not an excused absence.

But yes, as someone above posted, it is supposed to get MUCH warmer late next week. :)