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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Sue C, Jan 12, 2008.

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    Before Christmas someone said something about no matter if we give our difficult child's presents worth $10 or $1,000 (can't remember exact wording), they will treat us the same.

    Well, I think husband is understanding that now. Usually, if Melissa runs out of money, he will give in and give her a $10 or $20. She still treats us the same nasty way the next day or whenever. Well, Thursday she asked for money to go with "S" and "S's" boyfriend to celebrate "S's" birthday. husband and I BOTH said no! She whined and swore and did her best to get that money out of us. She told us we knew she was good for it and she'd pay us back the next day (payday). Well, she was the one who had wasted her last paycheck, tough luck! No money!!!! I was so proud of husband 'cuz he always gives in.

    She was angry and shut herself up in her bedroom all night. She wouldn't speak to us yesterday (even though yesterday was payday--she was still mad) and then this morning she was perfectly fine, talking all nice..........'til the next time she's in a bad mood.

    So the point is, husband could have given in and gave her the money to celebrate "S's" birthday and she'd still be a snot "the next time," or he could do what we did this time and not give her any money 'cuz she's only going to be the same way anyway PLUS she got over it. Thanks to whoever had made the original statement above in my first paragraph.

    I just wanted to share this.

    p.s. I have taken a STRONG stand against Melissa the past several weeks and plan on continuing. I will not allow her to talk me into doing things I do not want to do, i.e. go to Mall with her.

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    I'm so glad husband got to see how she reacted, and how it worked itself out.

    Kuddos for him for standing strong. Now with this example maybe it'll make the next time easier for him.